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Don't follow these mistakes - WhatsApp will ban your account

10 Points You Should Know about Using WhatsApp:

Do you know that some of your mistakes on Whatsapp will also close your account?                Whatsapp has become the need of people nowadays. Whether it is to talk to friends or work in the office, we mostly take help from Whatsapp in most things. 

But do you know that some mistakes made by you on Whatsapp will also close your account? 

Incorrect use of the app can also ban or suspend your account. Keep in mind that the company does not even give you any information about this before banning it.

Today we will discuss a few important ideas and concepts about using Whatsapp. If you will follow these steps and keep awareness then you are not in any type of problem. 

So, let's know what is the mistake that can lead to your account bane, Which mentioned below via some points such as,

You Should Read all the instruction carefully:

(1) Sending illegal, obscene or threatening messages - According to Whatsapp's term and condition, send you illegally, obscene, tampered or hacked messages, you will be banned immediately.

(2) Messages promoting violent crimes can also ban your Whatsapp account.

(3) You can still be banned if you make a fake account of someone.

(4) Unlawful people who are not in your contact list may send your message even more to your account bane. Bulk messaging, auto-messaging, auto-dialing is also against the rules of Whatsapp.

(5) Even if you have messed up with the Whatsapp app code, then your account may be closed. According to the rules of the company, the reverse engineer, alter, modify or the removal of code from the company's services is against the company.

(6) Sending viruses and malware to others is totally against the Whatsapp rules.

(7) If you hack somebody's account or collect information about a user illegally, then your account may be hacked.

(8) The use of WhatsApp Plus can also ban your Whatsapp account. According to the information given on the company's website, Whatsapp Plus has not been developed by the company nor is it authoritative on behalf of Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp is not related to Whatsapp App Plus and the company does not support it. 

Apart from this, it has also been written that the company of the source code present in Whatsapp Plus does not take any guarantees whether they are safe or not.

It has also been said that private information of people using Whatsapp Plus can be passed to the third party without any information.

(9) Even if many people block you, your account can be removed. This means that if a lot of users block you in a little while then it may be that your account is banned.

(10) Whatsapp also allows users to report a contact or group. In such a situation, if the company receives any information against you which is correct, then it can deactivate your account.

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