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Delhi Bus Movie Trailer - Story Of Nirbhaya Gang Rape

A Movie Of Nirbhaya "Delhi Bus": 

A Movie Of Nirbhaya "Delhi Bus":

Today, we will discuss the trailer of the "Delhi Bus" movie which story is based on the real painful story. A story based on "Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case". So , without any delay , let's start. 

 Director Sharir Minhaj says that his film 'Delhi Bus' is a tribute to a young professional girl who was known as Nirbhaya after the brutal gang-rape in 2012. Sharik's film is about the gang rape of a girl in a moving bus in New Delhi on December 16, 2016.

Sharik has said in a statement: "Atrocities against women is one of the major topics of discussion in the country today. Therefore, we (some) thought of making such a thing, that there would be changes in society and those who have problems in an artistic manner Uncover. "

The trailer of this movie has been released. The scenes seen in this trailer appear to revive the incident. Seeing the 1-minute 43-second trailer, you will once again remember the Nirbhaya scandal in Delhi.

You Can Watch here Full Trailer Video:


In the trailer, it has been tried to tell that two youths go out in search of some means because of the bad bikes on the streets of Delhi that night. During this time they stop an auto-rickshaw, but they do not take them by making an excuse for cold. 

After this, a bus stops them by giving them a lift, in which 6 people are already present. After seeing the young woman on the bus they become uncontrollable, after that the poor people carry out this evil incident.

Film director Sharik Minhaj says, "Delhi bus film is a tribute to a girl who was known as Nirbhaya in the whole country after the barbaric gangrape in 2012." Sharif Minhaj further said, "This film is dedicated to Nirbhaya. I would like to. 

Nirbhaya fought for his life and respect. We are giving tribute to this film. Through this film, we want to bring change in society. I want to highlight the atrocities and problems being faced by women.

After that, He said, "We would like to dedicate it to Nirbhaya, who fought for his life as well as respect, we are giving tribute to him through his film." In the film going to be released on January 25 next year, there are actors like Divya Singh, Neelima Azim, Sanjay Singh.

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