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Do You Know Tom and Jerry's Old Name - William Hana,Barbara

Tom and Jerry's Real Name:

Tom and Jerry's Real Name:

For decades, William Hana, the father of the most popular animation serial Tom and Jerry. let's find out how he discovered Tom and Jerry and made it so popular.

Tom and Jerry discovered this way :

                                                   After collaborating with a company, Barbara and her partner William Hana made a team of her own Hollywood animation film, who discovered the Tom and Jerry revolution in the world of animation. 

Both of these animations team not only searched popular cartoons such as Tom and Jerry but later saved many more cartoon characters. 

                                                                                               According to a report from The Telegraph, after Tom and Jerry, William Hana and his teammates have discovered cartoons like "Top Cat", "Scooby-Doo", "Johnny Quest" and "Jetsons". 

Only William Hanna can understand this and what his exploration of Tom and Jerry is that he and his animation team can only understand.

Initially, the success was not due to this :

Whilst William discovered Tom and Jerry cartoons, he was initially considered flop. People were playing this rat-cat old game. 

William's partner Barbara said that they should not be presented in front of the audience in a way other than a mouse-cat. They should give a Famous name like Mickey Mouse.

Whilst William discovered Tom and Jerry cartoons, he was initially considered flop.

                                           Barbara said, 'I understand that there will be no need for a language to understand this rat-cat game. People of any country or language will understand this story only with their objections. ' In the early stages this Jula-cat game was named Jasper and Genetics, and it was broadcast by this name. Later, Jasper and Genix were fame after Tom and Jerry.

7200 drawing for a 5-minute scene :

At the tip of Tom and Jerry's serial, he used the bomb to kill Tom Jerry, and Jerry never shot him. Initially, the makers were accused of teaching violence against children by this cartoon. 

At that time technology was not very good, so for more than seven thousand drawings, five-minute animation scenes had to be made with hands.

                                                                               In a second scene, 24 drawings came out in front of the eyes, then a moving animation film could have been made. After the release of Tom and Jerry, it was broadcast in nearly 80 countries, which people liked it and today it is topped in the world's popular cartoon character.

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