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Ducati will now sell 'Second Hand Bikes' In India with 'Dukati Approved'

Second-Hand Bikes Of Ducati

Luxury motorcycle brand Ducati has announced that it is going to sell pre-owned (second hand) bikes in India with 'Ducati Approved'. This program allows motorcycle enthusiasts to enter the world with pre-owned motorcycles with their quality and definite Ducati experience performance.

Ducati Approved:

Ducati is a certified, pre-owned motorcycle program, in which Ducati has assigned qualified Ducati service technicians, who select and inspect every bike and prove their history. The bike which is less than 5 years, with less than 50,000 km certified mileage and has 35 strict technical checks, Ducati is certified by approved.

The Ducati approved program includes special assistance through the official Ducati network in India, including Roadside Assistance. 

In this case, the program enhances the 12 months warranty coverage (T & C) with the possibility of warranty transfer to the new owner. 

Under this program, the Cost of Materials and Labor Charges will be covered by Ducati Dealers without any advance payment and in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.

Sergey Kanawas, Managing Director, Ducati India, said, "Our entry in our pre-owned segment in India makes Ducati more accessible to observers who wish to have a fantastic and premium experience offered by Ducati Motorcycles.

 It is believed that Ducati approved program will help bike enthusiasts to buy an affordable bike for their dream. 

To our goal that we sell an authentic bike with the same level as in. "

Ducati is a certified global program, which hosts secondhand motorcycles from the Scambler icon to Panigale V4.

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