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First Review Of Zero Movie - Rating Based On London

Zero Movie Review:

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Shah Rukh Khan's film 'Zero Movie' is going to be released this Friday. In this movie, Shah Rukh Khan is playing the role of Dwarf Manu Baua. 

Anushka Sharma (Katrina Kaif) and Anushka Sharma are among the important characters in the film with King Khan. 

A large number of fans have made advancements in this film, although there are so many fans who are also waiting for the release of this film because the advance booking fame of Aamir Khan's movie 'Thugs of Hindostan' had fallen.


The movie has been screened in Dubai. Dubai-based journalist Umar Sandhu has also given a preview of the film. Giving the film 4 stars, Umar Sandhu writes on Twitter - 'Zero' has immortalized emotional and romance. 

In addition to the performance of Bouva, Ajay-Atul's music will touch the hearts of your heart in the film. This film must definitely be seen, should not be missed.

You Can Watch The Trailer Of  Zero Movie:

Shahrukh Khan has played many types of films in the films but for the first time, he will be playing the role of a dwarf man. It is very interesting to see this character of Shahrukh in Ziro.

Anushka Sharma is picking up her acting role in one film after another. Before that, the film had played the role of an economically backward woman in the film Sui-Thaga after that she screwed the scary role in the film. 

So this time in the film zero, Anushka is playing the role of a scientist of NASA who always lives in the wheelchair due to cerebral palsy.

Katrina Kaif is also going to be seen in some of her remaining films Ziro. She has seen an alcoholic actress. For the film Zero, Katrina had consulted with the Hollywood actress, who is fighting adolescence in real life.

Filmmaker Anand L. Roy, who directs movies like Ranjana and Tanu Weds Manu, is returning after three years. In these three years, they are directing productions of many films after Zero three years later. 

He made Tanu Weds Manu Returns Direct in 2015.

The film Rab made the couple very happy with the chemistry of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. After this, all three together were seen in the film. 

After that, neither Katrina nor Shahrukh nor Anushka and Shah Rukh got the chance to see the chemistry again. 

After 6 years in Zero, both couples will be seen romancing.


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