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Guru Randhawa Biography - Panjabi Singer,Compser,Writer

Who Is Guru Randhawa?

Who Is Guru Randhawa?

Today, we will know about Great Panjabi who is Singer, Songwriter as well as a music composer. That known as "Guru Randhawa" and his real name is Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa.


As we know that Guru Randhawa was born on August 30, 1991, in Nurpur village of Gurdaspur. Guru Randhawa was very fond of singing since childhood and he could often be seen listening to songs on TV.

He completed his initial study from a school in Gurdaspur. Actually, When he was in the third class, he sang 5 songs in a singing competition at the school. They also got third place with a lot of happiness for their superb performance.

Once upon a time, When he was in seventh class he even started writing. Guru Randhawa was also good at studies and that is why when he completed 12th, he came to Delhi for further studies and even graduated from there. 

But the master's dream was to become a singer so they did not have much interest in doing the job.

They wanted to make a different identity from the crowd and he has done, so they started working hard to fulfill their dream of becoming a singer. 

Later, in the Guru Randhawa Music Industry then he went to Delhi IIBM College to understand marketing and business and from there he did an MBA.

After releasing his first song, Guru Randhawa had to run a lot and then his hard work finally succeeded when his first song "Chadd Gayi" came with Speed Records. His first song was amazing and people liked it too. But this song was unable to give them the success they deserved.

Although, His debut album, which came in 2013, was named Page One. Afterward, the Famous rapper came to sing his Patola with Bohemia. Now, After this song, he became a superstar on the nights of the night. 

Basically, This song can be called the turning point of his singing career, since people began to recognize Guru Randhawa after this song.

This song came with big music levels like t-series. There have been 85 million views on this song so far and that was awesome. 

After this, he made many more songs such as "Tu meri rani" "yaar mod do" "AK 47" "Suit", "High rated gabru" and Lahore ". 

After that, all their songs have managed to become an integral part of the playlist of people.

His most popular song which is the highest-rated gabru so far, with so far totaling 320Million views. Apart from this, 230 million views have also been received on Lahore songs sung by him which were fantastic. 

These songs were heard and liked by people all over the world even after being in Punjabi.

Due to these songs, Guru Randhawa, who came from a small village in Punjab, managed to make his own place not only in India but also in the people of the world. 

Now the time it takes to reach them at this stage is also very low. 

After that, Today he has become one of the most popular singers of Punjab. His songs are also in great demand in Bollywood as well as outside of India.

She has been debuting with the Hindi medium in Bollywood. In which he sang his suit-suit. Then, he has sung a song in Dil Jangli and now has written Irrfan Khan's forthcoming film Blackmail Me Patola. 

Apart from this, his popularity is so high that he has also performed in the opening ceremonies of the Indian Premier League.

Once the song started, then master never looked back and looked back. Finally, we can say that His passion was singing and he decided to pursue his passion for his career and the result is in front of us.

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