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Success Spells: More benefits than doing extra work.

Do work and Get Result:

Do work and Get Result:

Everyone has their own ways to achieve success, but the most important thing in all of them is hard work and sincerity towards work. Today, we are going to tell the story of one such person who did not only succeed in his hard work but also made history. Now we are discussing a few moments, Which mentioned below.

President of America's Chamber of Commerce told a story during the dinner which held at the retire many years ago. 

He was one of America's most respected businessmen. He developed such an image of high-quality work, about which everyone in the business dreamed.

He said that when he was unsuccessful and frustrated in youth, he saw a proverb on a brown lunch bag on the bulletin board of a high school. While passing through that bulletin board, he read those words on the lunch bag. 

Those words were, 'The amount of work you are expected to do, the success you will have in life in the ratio of the more you work after that.'

They said that these words changed their life. By that time in his career, he felt that if he was working as per the expectations of others and that he was working, then that is enough. 

He resolved that the work he is expecting from him will work more than that. He will always go one mile ahead and work more than he gets from the payment.

After that day, for the rest of his career, he got up a bit faster, worked a little harder and worked long by stopping. They went faster than work from one work to another and from one customer to another. They also got to see the result. 

The faster they grow, they get the same experience. The more experience they got, the better they were in their work. The better they became, the better they got in less time.

In time, they got more payments and they got more promotion. Due to the ever more work to be done than expected and growing faster, he reached the fast track in his career and started moving forward rapidly. 

Soon he was promoted and sent to a new department, then placed in a new industry and a new area of responsibility was entrusted.

In each case, their strategy was the same. Work more than you get paid. Do as much as you expect others. Walk one mile more Stay busy Keep going. Do it Do not waste time.

And that was the reason that success got them day by day, and success never left them, and in life, they never saw again.

From this story we learn this :

Expecting that this work is more than what we get, there is no competition. *Expecting that this work is more than what we get, there is no competition. 

But this should not mean making greed for itself. This hard work done in the early stages comes forward for our work.

*People who have stolen hard work or people who do not make the excuse of tomorrow, can be one time above you or you are equal. 

But after that, you will be at the forefront So keep on moving forward in whatever work you are doing.

Hints 4 You.
Thank you for giving me your precious time.
We will meet again via the next post.

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