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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas Day - Birthday Of Isa Masih

 Christmas Day: Birthday Of Jesus Christ 

 Christmas Day: Birthday Of Jesus Christ

Christmas is an important festival of Christianity. It is celebrated every year on December 25 in most countries of the world. As we know that Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of "Jesus Christ".

The Story of Jesus Birth:

According to the Bible, the mother of Christ Mary of Christianity was born as the birth of Jesus. Mother Mary was a virgin before the birth of Jesus Christ. 

He was engaged to a man named Dawood's dynasty, Yusuf. One day the angels came to Mary and said that soon you will have a child who will show the world the way to salvation from suffering.

Mother Mary hesitantly said that I am still unmarried, how is this possible? The angels said that all this would happen through a miracle. Mata Mariyam and Joseph were soon married. 

After marriage, both of the Jews in the province of Bethlehem lived in Bethlehem (Bethlehem). This is where Jesus Christ was born on a night stable. There is one fact that  People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as Christmas.

 Teachings Of Jesus:

  • Christ taught the world unity and brotherhood. 
  • He showed people the way to be close to God. 
  • Christ emphasized forgiveness and asking for forgiveness. 
  • He also pardoned his killers.

Santa Claus and Christmas
Along with cake, gifts, decorating and decorating Christmas trees, today the identity of this festival has become Santa Claus. 

The image of Santa Claus is of a rounded man who always puts on red clothes and comes to sit on his sled to give gifts to children on Christmas. Today the idea of Christmas without Santa Claus is incomplete for everyone.

                                                                             There are many stories about Santa Claus. Many believe that in the fourth century, Saint Nicholas, who was the bishop of the city of Meera (Turkey), was the real Santa. Saint Nicholas always paid gifts to the poor. 

At that time people used to respect Saint Nicholas very much. At the same time, Santa Claus was conceived.


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