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Kader Khan Biography - Life of kadar khan,He is no more

Do you know Kader Khan:

Do you know Kader Khan:

Kader Khan is also a Hindi film comedian, along with being a film director. He has acted in more than 300 films so far. His first film was Dag (1973) in which he played the role of the prosecutor's lawyer. He completed his graduation from Ismail Yusuf College. He also worked as a teacher.


              Actually, Kader Khan started his studies with a municipal school. Then he completed his graduation from Ismail College. He has also passed a diploma in engineering, he was a lecturer in a college before coming to the film industry.


               Kader Khan originally lives in Mumbai. They have three sons. One of which resides in Canada. His son Sarfaraz Khan is also a Hindi film actor.

Film journey:

                      Basically, The film life of Kader Khan started then once he played a role in his college, the people present there praised him very much. 

When actor Dilip Kumar came to know of this, he called Khan and showed him the desire to watch the roll so that Khan made good and prepared for him. 

Dilip Kumar was very impressed with his performance and gave Khan his work in two films. Did Sagina Mahato and Barua.

Kader Khan has worked in more than 300 Hindi and Urdu films, and since 1970, he has been working on writing dialects for more than 250 films. 

You must know this, Kader Khan had written dialogues for Roti Film (1974). After that, To write the dialogue of that film, Manmohan Desai had given him one lakh twenty-one thousand rupees. 

He has worked in many superhit films with mostly Jitendra, Firoz Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda and David Dhawan.As we know that Along with this, he has also worked with great comedians like Shakti Kapoor and Joni Lever.

One important point is that As a screenwriter, Kader Khan worked for many films for Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra.

Amitabh Bachchan worked in gene films, for many of them, Kader Khan has written dialogue. Kader Khan has also acted as a screenwriter for films such as Mr. Natwarlal, blood sweat, two and two five, Satte Pe Satta, Inqilab, Arhar, etc.

Ajay Devgan's film "Himmatwala", Govinda's film "Coolie No. 1", Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan's film "Mai Khiladi Tu Anari", the law of their own, Khoon Bhari Mang, karma, Sultanat, Aamir Khan's film "Sarfarosh" The dialogues of superhit films such as Justice Chaudhary and Dharam Veer have been written by Kader Khan itself.


Khan, who influenced his art and voice, has also received many awards.

    2013 - Sahitya Shiromani Award (for contribution to Hindi cinema)

    1982 - Filmfare Award (Best Dialogue "Listen  to My Voice")

    1981 - Filmfare Best Comedian (Father Nambari Beta Ten Numbers)

Interesting information:

 1) Since the beginning of his film career in 1973, Kader Khan has worked in more than 300 films. His identity is in the form of actor as well as writer also.

2) In his first film stain, Kader Khan played the prosecutor's lawyer.

3) Kadar Khan is an Engineering Graduate from Ismail Yusuf College of Bombay University.

4) Before making a career in films, Kader Khan was a professor of civil engineering in the MH Sabu Siddiq College of Engineering.

5) His father, Abdul Rehman Khan, belonged to Kandahar and was from Mata Iqbal Begar Pishin (part of India during British times).

6) After doing drama work done by Kader Khan in college, Dilip Kumar was so impressed that he signed Kader Khan for his two films Sagina and Barrage.

7) Kader Khan has three sons. Actually, One of his sons lives in Canada and it is said that Kader Khan also has Canadian citizenship.

8) Kader Khan has written more than 250 films.

9) For the film 'Roti', Manmohan Desai had paid a huge amount of Rs 1,20,000 to write Kadar Khan for writing the dialogue.

10) Kadar Khan has telecast a comedy show 'Hanna Vote' on television. Which he had created himself.

11) In addition to Amitabh Bachchan, Kader Khan was an artist who worked in competitive camps between Prakash Mehra and Manmohan Desai.

12) In addition to many of Amitabh's successful films, Kader Khan has written dialogues of hits like Himmatwala, Coolie No. 1, Mai Khiladi tu anadi, Khoon Bhari Mang, Karma, Sarfarosh and Dharmaveer.

Now, we will discuss his death which was so sad news for all peoples who knew them.

Kader Khan Death: Famous actor and writer Kader Khan Death died on December 31. Actually, Kader Khan, 81, was running ill for a long time. Kader Khan was admitted to a Canadian hospital for treatment, His son said that the funeral will also be done there also. 

Khan's son Sarfaraz said to PTI-language, 'My father left us and left. Actually, After a prolonged illness, he passed away on 31 December at six o'clock (Canadian time). He had gone to coma in the afternoon. He was admitted to the hospital for the last 16-17 weeks. '

He said, 'His funeral will be done in Canada only by which they become healthy. Our entire family is here and we live here.

So we are doing this. ' Sarfaraz said, "We thank all for their valuable prayers. A day before the demise of actor, news of his demise had come, but his son had rejected those reports.

                    " He was a great actor, dialogue writer, scriptwriter and more."


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