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Redmi Note 6 Pro only in 11Rupaye- Alert By this Scam

Redmi Note 6 Pro Updated News: 

Redmi Note 6 Pro Updated News:
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro is the best selling smartphone in India. Recently, its price has been reduced. One message is getting people saying that you can buy this smartphone for just Rs 11.                                                                                                                  
The smartphone's cell starts almost every few days. Discount offers are available on e-commerce websites. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro has also been cheaper recently by the company. But it has not been so cheap that it can be bought only for 11 rupees.

This smartphone has become quite popular in the Indian market and it is also the best seller. The demand for this phone is also very high, so some people are also fraying about this device.

Tweet By A Person:

A person named Savitra Agarwal has a tweet. There is a screenshot in which it says, 'Under the latest offer, you can buy Redmi Note 6 Pro for just Rs 11'. At the end of this message, there is a link and it has been asked to click on it.

 It is possible that this will be a fraud link in which you can get trapped by clicking and your smartphone's information can be stolen.

Save has tagged Shami, Manu Jain, Geo, Department of Telecom and TRAI in the tweet. He said that this beautiful message got mixed with a Great Deal and it is fake.
After this tweet, Shomei India Head and Global Vice President Managing Director Manu Jain have tweeted it. He wrote about this tweet, 'It is a fake and you do not trust it'
The surprise is that the message has been sent in the name of HP-MISALE. 

Target users can easily target themselves to this fraud. Because seeing this seems like the promotion of the cell. 

In this way, click the Users link and after that, it will be obvious that they will be asked to enter the necessary information.

They will also have information related to their bank account. In such a way, fraudulent targets can be easily deceived by users.

We recommend that you report such messages and never trust it. 

Do not enter any of your information by clicking on such links. 

Avoid clicking the link and do not forward it to anyone else.

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