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The Accidental Prime Minister Movie(2019) Reviews: Story,Cast

A Story Based On the Relationship of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Gandhi Family:

A Story Based On the Relationship of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Gandhi Family:
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Today, We will discuss a movie whose name is " The Accidental Prime Minister" which is based on the real story of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Gandhi family.                                                                                                     
After the film's release, you will want to know the Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review. The film is surrounded by controversy since its launch. Because it is said that the film talks about the truth behind the political scene.

Since the film was based on the relationship between former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Gandhi family, in such a situation, this film is very much from the very beginning.


The story of the film is based on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's media adviser Sanjay Bari's book 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. The movie begins with the year 2004. 

The Congress coalition government won the general elections by defeating the NDA this year.

After the election, Congress President Sonia Gandhi (Suzanne Burnett) refuses to become PM and makes former finance minister Manmohan Singh (Anupam Kher) a PM.
This was followed by the negotiation of a nuclear deal with former US President George W. Bush. After this, the left party should draw the support from the government, standing in the PM. Apart from this, the pressure on the side of the party high command is now continuously This is an important part of the film.
 Let's know, The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review and the reasons why you see this movie.

1. Who are the hero and the villain?

From the trailer of The Accidental Prime Minister, it is clear that the dispute between the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Gandhi family about the Nuclear Deal. Based on that.

So it is clear from the fact that the film will reveal many secrets behind the scenes. This film will be clear who is the hero and who is a villain?

2. A glimpse of real-life characters on the screen

It is eager to see how the veterans of politics will be shown on the big screen, and this is the most important reason to see the movie. 

Seeing the big political faces of all that time, including Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, on the silver screen, no less than a treat. It is increasing the curiosity of people towards the film.

3. How much movie is based on the book?

The Accidental Prime Minister is a film based on the book written by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Media Advisor Sanjay Baru. 

Many people have read this book, it is also interesting to see how much the movie is based on the book and what has been added separately in it.

See why movie:
                                    As Anupam Kher had said during the trailer launch of the film, it is a love story of Manmohan Singh and Sanjay Baru. I can say that the audience will love this love story very much.
Chemistry of both makes the film entertaining. Especially the film's final scene In such a fascinating story of the film, the power pack performance of Akshay Khanna and Anupam Kher in the first half makes this movie worth watching.

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