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Crores of Rupees Trapped by CEO's Death - Nobody Knows Password

Due to the death of CEO of a Christopher Can company trapped about 974 million rupees. 

Due to the death of CEO of a Christopher Can company trapped about 974 million rupees.

About 974 crores of investors are caught in the death of the CEO of a company in Canada. It is being told that the death of Christopher Frauder and CEO Gerald Kouten of Quadriga Firms happened in December. 

Nobody knows the password set for this currency. Not even his wife. None of the other than the Parsec Gerald to unlock it. Many experts also tried to unlock it but all failed.

Basic Information

In fact, the quadriga company has filed an application for credit projections in the court regarding this matter. Koten's wife, Jennifer Robertson, filed a petition in the court and has approached the court seeking the help of the investors so that they can not be saved. 

After this, the information on the matter was made public. It has been reported in the court that due to this lock, the impact of the company's 1.15 lakh users has been affected.

He Works for orphans

It is being told that at the time the company's CEO died Gerald Queen, he was on a visit to India. Contain was only 31 years old. They used to work for orphans. Because of this, he wanted to open an orphanage in India too.

What is Cryptocurrency?

In fact, cryptocurrency is a currency that is privately released as a digital medium. It works on the basis of distributor laser technology (DLT) such as cryptography and blockchain. 

Simply put, blockchain is bookkeeping in which transactions are recorded as blocks and linked to them using cryptography.
 Cryptography is a safe way to save and send information in which code is used and only that person can read the information for which it has been sent.
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