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Know Who Was Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge - Google Doodle

German chemist Ferdinand Runge:

German chemist Ferdinand Runge:

Google has created a Google Doodle on the 225th birthday of Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, German chemist Ferdinand Runge. 

Famous Chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge's 225th Birthday of German discovered caffeine. Since then, he became famous in the world. He was born on 8 February 1794 in Hamburg. Along with caffeine he also discovered bitumen dye. 
Roen completed his doctoral studies at Berlin University and taught at Braccial University until 1831. Let's know

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge's 225th Birthday

1. Fridley Ferdinand Rune has had a lot of interest in chemistry since childhood. He had used many experiments in his teenage years. 

He was first associated with spreading the eyes of the eyes with the juice of the Benedona plant. Once the juice had gone in his eyes, the effect of which he later felt.

2. When Fredleeb Ferdinand Rung was teaching under the chairmanship of Jena Wolfgang, Jenna University, she was asked to experiment again on Beldona, and after a few months she was promoted to analyze coffee, she invented caffeine.

3. Fredelib Ferdinand Rune completed his doctoral studies at Berlin University and taught at Braccial University until 1831.

4. Fridley Ferdinand Rune also contributed as an Auditor of Paper Chromatography. They had prepared a method to remove sugar from beetroot juice.

5. He is also one of the first scientists to separate quinine (the drug used for the treatment of malaria). He died on March 25, 1867, in Oregon, Germany.

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