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CBSE Maths Paper Tips: Get 90 Numbers In The 12th Maths Exam

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CBSE Board:
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Today, We will discuss the best tips for the study by which we can get 90+ marks in maths exam of 12th CBSE Board. 

Many students earn more than 90 percent in Maths every year. Because they know the right way to prepare for Madhya.

The CBSE Board's 12th Maths examination is to be held on March 18. Mathematics (CBSE Maths Paper) is a subject by which more students are scared. At the same time, it is a subject that very few students like. But after making good preparation you can bring a good number on this subject.
Many students get more than 90 percent of the number in Maths every year. Because they know the right way to prepare for mathya. Most students do not know how to prepare for maths.

In this way, we are giving you 5 Tips for Maths Preparation for the preparation of Maths, with the help of which you can also get more than 90% number.

💥5 Tips for Preparing Maths (CBSE Maths Preparation Tips):

1. Preparation from NCERT's book:
👉Prepare from NCERT's book. Please read every important topic given in the book. Keep in mind that none of the important topics has been missed.

2. Solve last year's papers:

👉By solving last year's papers, you will get the idea of ​​the paper, by doing this, you will understand what kind of questions come in the exam. Solve the papers for at least the last 3 years.

3. Get help with sample paper:
👉Solve at least 5 sample papers (Maths Sample Paper) before the exam.

4. Time Management Required:
👉Time management is extremely important. Students will have to understand which time to decide which section to solve.

Section A: 8 minutes
Section B: 25-30 minutes
Section C: 50-60 minutes
Section D: 40-45 minutes

5. Resolve these questions first:
👉Solve the questions that come to you and are easy for you. If you have all the questions well, resolve the highest number of questions first.

Hints 4 You.
Thanks for giving me your precious time.
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