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World Book Day 2019: Know The History And Specialty Of World Book Day

World Book Day: 

World Book Day:

Today, we will discuss World Book Day and I hope you will like it. World Book Day 2019 is being celebrated today. Today is a special day for those who read books and seekers. People also like to read books in the world of computers and the Internet. 

UNESCO launched it on April 23, 1995. Since then, this day in the world was celebrated as World Book Day.

In 1923, respecting the famous Writer Miguel de Cervantes, it was told that World Book Day will be celebrated in the memory of Miguel de Cervantes. His death took place on April 23, after which the World Book Day was celebrated on this day.

World Book Day Facts:

Apart from Miguel de Survents on April 23, the great writer William Shakespeare died. Today is their 402nd death anniversary. 

Significantly, the death of Miguel de Survents and William Shakespeare was done on 23 April 1616 the same day. William Shakespeare is also called the world's 'Literary King'. People still like to read books written by them. Share Pear's play (drama) is still alive among the people.

What is this year's theme (World Book Day 2019 Theme):

The words of the UNESCO Director-General Audrey Ajoule can be understood through the words of World Book Day 2019, "Books are a form of cultural expression, which lives through a chosen language.

 Each publication is written in a particular language and it is for language-specific people. In this way, a book is written, manufactured, exchanged and appreciated under special language and cultural settings.

This year, we want to highlight the important dimension as the year 2019 under the leadership of UNESCO has been marked as the international year of indigenous languages so that the international community can confirm its commitment under which indigenous people can learn their cultures, knowledge And protect the rights. "

Why World Book Day is Celebrated:

World Book Day is celebrated worldwide so that the value of books can be understood. Books are not merely a parchment paper, but they work hard to connect the past and future. As well as between cultures and generations, there is a bridge.

In addition to UNESCO on World Book Day, other institutions representing publishers, book vendors, and libraries choose World Book Capital for one year. 

For the year 2019, the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has been made the World Book Capital. At the same time, Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur will be made its capital in 2020.

Through World Book Day, UNESCO wants to promote the purpose of rights of all on creativity, diversity, and knowledge.

 This day provides a platform to people, especially the authors, teachers, government and private institutions, NGOs and the media, to promote literacy and to all people access to education resources.

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