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This Bicycle Runs 65km Without Pedal: Unlocked By Password

Tempus Titan R Electric Bike:

Tempus Titan R Electric Bike:
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Today, We will discuss the best bicycle which contains many features that means you can run this without pedal. Electric bike manufacturer Tempus recently introduced its latest electric bike Titan R.

This bike is getting more vintage motorcycle fills than electric. However, the company says that it is a perfect bike to go to the office and it can be done as well as it can be done from roaming.

Used to Metal Body:

Old Age Tested material has been used in Titan R and its frame is made from aircraft-grade steel and in its slim structure, a tank similar to a gas tank has been placed, the leather seat behind it. 

Apart from this, the company has used two large LED lights at the front of this e-bike, while two small modern look taillights have been installed in the rear.

Ignition is triggered with password:

This e-bike, which looks like a classic cafe racer, has a password protection ignition system, which reduces the risk of theft of this bike to a great extent. Apart from this, a color LCD display has been given on the bike, which gives information about time, speed, range, and battery personage.

45kmph speed and 65 mileage:

Tempus has introduced a 1000W motor in its Titan R, which will speed up the speed of 45 kmph.

 Apart from this, the company has claimed that its removable lithium-ion battery gives a mileage up to more than 65 km on a turn full charge and the battery takes 4 to 5 hours for a full charge.

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