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How To Save Whatsapp Status Image and Videos without Any App

Whatsapp Tips:

Whatsapp Tips:

Today, We will discuss the best trick which is downloading WhatsApp status that means we can easily download WhatsApp status image & videos without using any other App. So, Let's start...

If you use Whatsapp and want to save shared media files in Whatsapp status, here's how to find the way.

Like the Snapchat Stories in the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform Whatsapp, the photo and video sharing features were introduced in 2017. 

It was lowered under the name of Whatsapp status. It works just like Snapchat Stories, where shared photos and videos are automatically deleted after 24 hours. 

Sometimes we want to save the content shared by our friends or relatives but there is no way other than screenshots. Because there is no option to save with Whatsapp. But there are two ways in which you can save the shared media files.

The first way out of two ways to save a media file is through the File Manager App and the other - through a third-party app. But people generally do not consider using third-party apps as trustworthy. Because there are many imperfections associated with privacy. 

Well, we are here to tell you about a method of file manager app, through which you can easily save media files.

WhatsApp and photos of the photos are saved in the smartphone for some time and 24 hours later these files are removed. Only you have to transfer these files to another file before being deleted from the phone.

 Many smartphones such as Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo include the file manager app in their operating system. At the same time, stock Android users can download it from Google Play Store.

💥Step-By-Step Guide:

  •  First, open WhatsApp and view status.
  •  After the view, the temporary copy of this file will be created in local storage.
  •  Now Find the File Manager app on the phone and open it.
  •  Now go to the settings of the app and select the 'Show Hidden Files' option.
  •  Now go to WhatsApp> Media> .Statuses
  • Now paste the files you want to save from here to another folder.

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