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ICC World Cup 2019: India has reached 7 times in World Cup semi-final

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019:                                                 

Today,We will discuss semi-finals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.Virat Kohli is the second team to reach the semifinals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. India defeated Bangladesh on Tuesday to make it to the semi-finals. It is the seventh time in World Cup history when India has reached the semi-finals.

The 40th match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was played on Tuesday between India and Bangladesh in Edgbaston. Virat Kohli's team won by 28 runs in this match. With this, Team India became the second team to reach the semi-finals. Let's say Australia first reached the semi-finals in this World Cup. India has joined this list now.

💥Seven times in the semi-finals:

This is the seventh time in the last 12 World Cup history when Team India qualify for the semi-finals. Earlier, India reached the semi-finals in 2015, 2011, 2003, 1996, 1987 and 1983. Although only three times (1983, 2003 and 2011) reached the finals, which also became world champions in 1983 and 2011.

💢India's World Cup Tour:
  • 1975 - This was the first World Cup to be held in England. India's performance in it was quite disappointing. The team was forced out of the group stage. While the English team took advantage of their home turf, all the three matches of the group were named in their names. With this, the England team reached the knockout round. 
 Where England went to Australia in the semifinals and the Kangaroos defeated the British by four wickets, out of the tournament.Australia reached the final in the first World Cup. Although the Kangaroos lost to the West Indies by 17 runs in the title match.

  • 1979 - Second world cup played in 1979 was again held in England. This time the Indian team's performance was useless even from the previous World Cup. The team did not win a single match in the group stage and the team was already out in the round. 
This time the English team performed brilliantly and fined the final ticket.But in the title match, England were defeated by the West Indies by 92 runs.

  • 1983 - This was the World Cup in which India defeated the West Indies in the final and won the tournament for the first time. This season also England finished the semi-finals after performing best at the group stage. Where India defeated the British by six wickets and out of the tournament. With this, Kapil Dev became India's first captain to win the World Cup.

  • 1987 - In this World Cup, Team India demonstrated Gajab The Indian team reached the semi-finals by winning 5 out of 6 matches in the group stage. But one minute before the title, England defeated India in the semi-final. The tournament was hosted by India and Pakistan together. In which Kangaroos won the title by defeating England by 7 runs in the final. Australia won the World Cup for the first time in 1987 under Alan Border.

  • 1992 - Australia and New Zealand jointly organized the 1992 World Cup. In which both the countries could not make the final place in the final. The title match was played between Pakistan and England. In the final, Pakistan won their first World Cup by winning 22 runs and England was again disappointed. India was already out in the round.

  • 1996 - This is considered the most controversial World Cup in the history of the World Cup. The 1996 World Cup was organized by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This season Team India came back and made the semi-finals, where India suffered a defeat in Sri Lanka. The final match was played between Sri Lanka v Australia, in which Sri Lanka won.

  • 1999 - Team India has crossed the group stage in this World Cup, but the performance of the Indian team has fallen after coming into Super Six. With this India was out of the tournament. It was the golden period of the Australian cricket team. In the World Cup held in England in 1999, the Kangaroos beat Pakistan by eight wickets in the final match and Australia won their second World Cup in the captaincy of Steve Waugh.

  • 2003 - This is the only World Cup in which Team India reached the finals and he got defeated. Under the leadership of Ricky Ponting, Kangaroos won the second World Cup by defeating India by 125 runs in the final. This season England was again out of the group stage.

  • 2007 - This World Cup for the Indian cricket team is no less than a nightmare In the group stage India had to clash with Bermuda, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Now it would be unfortunate that Team India, despite the exception of Bermuda, lost the remaining two teams against India. It does not hurt the defeat of Sri Lanka as much as the defeat of Bangladesh. Bangladesh defeated India by five wickets and was eliminated from the tournament. In the 2007 World Cup played in the West Indies, Australia defeated Sri Lanka by 53 runs in the final and won the third consecutive World Cup.

  • 2011 - India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh jointly organized the 2011 World Cup. In which India won the title by defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the final. In the captaincy of MS Dhoni, Team India captured the World Cup 28 years later.

  • 2015 -  in the World Cup, the Australia team again won the flag and won their fifth World Cup title by defeating New Zealand by seven wickets in the final. This World Cup was not less than a nightmare for England because Bangladesh defeated England and showed them the way out of the World Cup. At the same time Team India had to suffer in the semi-finals of Australia.

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