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Apple Launches AirPods Pro In India: Know Price and Features

Apple AirPods Pro has been launched:

Today, We will discuss the product of Apple which is AirPods Pro launched in India.
Their sales will start in India soon. This time the company has added many new features, the design is also new.

American tech company Apple has launched AirPods Pro. These are wireless earphones. For the past few days, its details and pictures were continuously on the internet and the new AirPods Pro looks the same as in the leaked pictures.

*Few Features:

  • Apple AirPods Pro is actually an upgraded version of AirPods 
  • It has given active noise cancellation. 
  • Apart from this, it has also been made sweat and water-resistant. 
  • The price of AirPods Pro in India is Rs. 24,900.

It will be put up for sale in India soon. Along with this wireless AirPods, the company is also offering a wireless charging case. 

The company claims that once charged it can be run for 4.5 hours. With this, you can withdraw up to 24 hours for this by charging from the provided wireless charging case.

The design of AirPods Pro is different from AirPods and has an H1 chip. According to the company, there are 10 audio courses and from this, the sound to the power of Siri gets power.

The company has also said that two microphones have been combined with advanced software to make it fit for everyone.

Talking about the special features given in Apple AirPods Pro, you can also disable noise cancellation. For this, the transparency mode has been given in it.

 After disabling it, you will be able to hear background noise along with the music. Many times ears are blocked due to noise cancellation and the sound of AAS bass is not heard.

The company has prepared AirPods Pro in such a way that even if you keep it in the ears continuously for a long time, then there will be no problem.

 For this, the company has given a vent system in it. It also has a force sensor through which you can switch to active noise cancellation and transparency mode. Through this, songs can be played, skip and pause and can also receive phone calls.

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