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10 Marvelous Cuts of Diamond Goa: You Should Know About It


This place is situated on the coast of North Goa. Anjuna is the life of the tourist season. Trance parties are organized here during tourist season.
Diamond Goa

Today, We will discuss the specialty of Goa and their awesome places.
Goa is heaven for beach lovers. Most of the teenager dream to spend a vacation in Goa. Lost youthfulness, a livelihood can be found in Goa. Their nights are really more beautiful than days-this can be reliable only in Goa.

1) Dudhsagar falls: 

The Dudhsagar fall is one of the pearls Goa has. This fall is 600m high on the mandatory river.

This fall seems like a ‘sea of milk’.Dudhsagar is four-tiered and has five drops. This beautiful fall is situated in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Another thing is that The western ghats have Dudhsagar like gem so you should visit it.

2) Fort Aguada:

This marvelous forts take us back in time. Aguada Fort is 17 the century’s gift. This fort was made by Portuguese on Sinqueim beach.

This fort is not only used as a prison but also tasked with the defense of shipping. This fort has a freshwater spring within it. 

It used to provide water to ships. As per its work Aguada name is given which means water.

3) Basilica of Bom Jesus:

This is not like another part of Goa. This is different because it is a UNESCO listed heritage site. Basilica of Bom Jesus has the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. As we say old is gold, this is in goldmine i.e. this is located in old Goa. This is made in Portuguese times.

4) Anjuna beach:

This beach is like is treated, it not only a beach but also a playground of water sports. This place is awesome, it can make us lively.

This place is situated on the coast of North Goa. Anjuna is the life of the tourist season. Trance parties are organized here during tourist season.

5) Calangute beach:

Goa is full of beaches. It provides you varieties of beaches without getting bore. This Calangute beach is always busy.

This place provides water sports such as boating, water skiing, parasailing. Do not worry but hunger because food stalls are at your service. This is a great place to chill as water sports, food stalls are there. So come on visit Calangute beach to chill.

6) Chapora Fort:

As goa is not behind in having beaches then how it can be in several forts. Goa gives us beautiful and valuable memories of forts as well as their environment which can be cherished lifelong.

This fort is with a bonus, guess what? 
This is an ancient fort that gives a breathtaking view of the sea. This fort to a nice place to enjoy the sea view.

7) Se cathedral:

As the name suggests this is a good piece of Portuguese. This was built in 16 the century. This is a holy place of worship.

Centuries passed but doing regular worship ops of god never stoped. This place is so peaceful that the soul’s voice can be heard. If you really want to enjoy peace then visit this awesome and beautiful piece of Goa.

8) Salim Ali bird sanctuary:

Every bird lover wants to become like a Salim Ali. This place has mangrove trees. This kind of tree plays an important role in protecting the seashore from natural calamities. This place is awesome for bird watching.

Every bird lover should meet this sanctuary. This place has watchtowers to see the beautiful birds.

9) Sinquerim beach:

After seeing some kind of movie, person or place we get bored. But Goa is magical, it can show every kind of beach.

This is a scenic beach with water sports. The picturesque view is the identity of Sinquerim beach.

10) Cabo de Rama:

This place holds tranquil remains. This place was of 18 the century.

This place has a seaside cliff which makes is more beautiful and on top of it, a small chapel is there.
Goa is so awesome must visit it.

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