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Cinema: What Is The Uses And Abuses Of Cinema


The young want to have the latest information about the film world. The strength of regular cinema-goers is increasing at a rapid pace.
Cinema: Uses & Abuses

Today, We will discuss Cinema which means what's uses and abuses of Cinema.
Cinema has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment and enlightenment today. Some People often talk about film stars and their achievements. 

The young want to have the latest information about the film world. The strength of regular cinema-goers is increasing at a rapid pace. This has also increased the sale of film magazines and other related weeklies.

Cinema has a great educative value. A student can acquire permanent knowledge about a certain thing if he can read as well as see that thing. Knowledge thus acquired, would have an everlasting impression on his mind. We read so many things but when we can see those very things on the screen, thy are imprinted on our minds.

šŸ’„In the Cinema hall, 

We get knowledge of foreign countries even if he does not have time or money to visit them. W com to know about their ways of life, cultures, and traditions. Recently, a picture of 'Vigil' was released. Many more movies give us education, thrill, and entertainment.

Cinema also helps the student in learning History, Geography, and Science. It fascinatingly teaches these dry subjects; the TV and cinema professionals also teach us about these subjects, showing the movies with different examples and thus even the youngsters remember the same quite explicitly. 

For example, the serial, 'Karnan’ was a successful historical serial and was telecasted on Polymer. Cinema is our moral preacher and teacher. Every best film has its own and moral lesson to teach. The films like 'Shaheed' infuse values of martyrdom in our souls.

This is the only bright side of the picture. Now, let us turn our eyes to its dark aspect as well. Every rose has a thorn as well. It is painful to note that now, the film industry has become a money-making industry. Film producers worship money and pay scant attention to the ethical side of cinema.

Modern pictures are polluting the minds of young boys and girls day by day. They easily fall prey to modern fashions. They sing dirty and obscene songs. The vulgar scenes have completely changed the outlook and character of the youngsters. 

It is high time when the film industry woke up from its deep slumber and tried to discourage such films as sow the seeds of immortality in the minds of the younger generation. The kids of today would be the administrators of tomorrow. 

So, we should care to take to infuse in them the spirit of sacrifice, hard work, honesty, selfless service as well as good conduct. More emphasis should be laid on these aspects.

Films should be properly classified into several categories- instructive, social, moral, amusing and literary, By which people from all walks of life may have entertainment according to their own tastes.

Concluding, we can say that cinema has a great educative and recreative values. Actually, it is a really cheap source of entertainment, which even a poor man can afford. 

It can do a lot of good to the people at large if both the movie producers and government embark upon producing such movies as may promote moral and artistic ideals.

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šŸ’¬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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