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What is the difference between CV, Resume and Biodata?

CV Vs Resume Vs Biodata:

If you are confused about CV, resume and resume in your life, then understand the difference here.
CV Vs Resume Vs Biodata

Hello Friends, Welcome to Hints 4 You. Today, We will discuss the difference between CV, Resume and Biodata. You should know it to get the best jobs in any field.

If you are confused about CV, resume and resume in your life, then understand the difference here.

The first step to get any job is resume selection. Only after it is selected, you are called for an interview. In the resume, you give information about your educational qualifications and your skills in a very short time. 

This information is given in detail in the CV. In the biodata, you give personal information. If you are confused about CV, resume and resume in your life, then understand the difference here.

💢CV (Curriculum Vitae): 

Actually, Curriculum Vitae is a form of Latin word which means a course of life. It is usually in more detail than the resumes, 2 to 3 pages. 

Your list of all the skills, all jobs, and positions, degrees, professional degrees are mentioned in the CV. In this, you can write about the challenges of your past which you have successfully faced.

Let us tell you that recruiters always like candidates who think out of the box. A CV is often suitable for candidates who are fresher or want to change careers.


 Resumes sent for any job are viewed with a cursory view. Therefore, whatever is written in it is written in short and information is mentioned which is very important. In a way, a resume is a way to take you to a job interview. 

The CV is seen during your interview. Hence, at the beginning of the resume, mention your skills as well as the specialization related to your field. With this, the recruiter will know how much experience you have in the industry.


 BioData has a full form of biographical data. Personal information is written in the bio-data. Like Marital status, date of birth, religion, gender are mentioned. In India, biodata is also often used to give personal information before marriage. 

It is used for jobs when candidates are applying for a government job. At the international level, where it is not necessary to disclose the personal information of the candidates such as religion, age, gender, bio-data is not used.

💥Learn some tips related to CV and resume:

1. Write the same things in the résumé about which you are confident. As much as possible, keep the format of your resume simple.

2. Give information about your job experience by starting from the most recent office i.e. in reverse order.

3. Resumes should be in active voice and give information related to the experience in bullet text, not in long paragraphs.

4. Do not use difficult words in your resume.

5. Keep the CV as simple as possible and try to complete it in 2 A4 size paper. Enter your mini-profile on the first page.

6. Wherever possible, the CV should contain information such as phone number, address, name, email address and your presence in social media. Apart from this, you can also mention those targets and achievements in which you have succeeded.

Hints 4 You.
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