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How TikTok Stars Earn Money: How To Earn Money From TikTok Videos

Introduction of  TikTok:

TikTok you would be astonished and amazed at how these top TikTok stars earn money by just posting these cool videos.
Earn Money from TikTok

Today, We will discuss about earning of TikTok Starts and how can you earn from TikTok.
TikTok formerly known as musically has got a hell lot of hype around the world. Started around 2016 it has been recognized widely for its growth with an estimation of 1 billion downloads of its application. 

TikTok provides a platform for people to post about short videos related to any genre, most of the people make lip-sync video of their favorite movie dialogue or any trending music lyrics. 

The reason for its growth was that the creator did not have to spend money on a camera, computer for editing and lights. 

He/She just has to open the selfie camera, record some moves on the application and Voila the video is created without any fuss. It is a great application for users who want to showcase their creativity by singing, dancing, comedy sketch and list goes on and on.

These videos made on TikTok have gotten so much attention that even if you haven't installed TikTok in your smartphone you still would have seen it on other social platforms such as " Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

But if you are a creator on TikTok or thinking of to start as a content creator in TikTok you would be astonished and amazed at how these top TikTok stars earn money by just posting these cool videos.

đź’ĄThey earn money through these methods:

Through TikTok Itself:

 A certain threshold of followers (around 100K), you need on TikTok to earn money from it. TikTok gives a certain share of its ad revenue which runs on the creator's video to its top creator and the latter part is kept by them, it's a great way of doing business.

Through Events:

TikTok stars are just as famous Bollywood stars are. So Even organizers invite them to special events such as College fest, product launch to make hype about their event so that other people could notice about it. 

In return, TikTok stars get a huge chunk of money just for appearing in their event. Sometimes event organizer gives around more than 1 lakh INR to these TikTok stars for just half an hour.

Through Social Media Platform:

Stars have also huge fans following on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Avneeet Kaur Instagram has around 7.8 million followers on Instagram which is a very huge no. So, the company ties up with these TikTok stars who have a massive following on Instagram and give them their products so that these TikTok stars could post on their social media page. 

This is done to advertise about their product as these stars provide an enormous audience to the company to advertise about their product or service. 

In return, TikTok stars demand a big fat cheque from these companies, and you bet companies pay them with their demand and a bit negotiation.

 I am sure these methods would help you to make money on TikTok, so even if you are a content creator with the small following on content, NEVER LOSE YOUR HOPE and just post daily content on TikTok, who knows the next TikTok VIRAL video could be of you

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