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Science Is A Curse Or Not: What Do You Think?

The Truth of Science:

The smoke and pollution spewed by big industries are spoiling the whole atmosphere.
Science Is a Curse or Not

Today, We will discuss the nature of Science that means according to some people, it's a curse for us. Let's know it., how?

The nuclear bombs in the possession of the USA, Russia, France The UK, India Pakistan, and China are powerful enough to blow up the world within no time. 

The star wars program will carry the struggle in the space and would pollute the whole atmosphere so badly that no form of life of any type would be able to survive. 

Scientists are busy making further advances in the field of armaments and the day is not very far off when by switching on one button, the whole of humanity would become a thing of the past. 

What Do You Think?:

The animals in the oceans may survive and may make another effort towards the evolution of new species on the earth. When billions of people are dying of starvation, more than fifty percent of the budget is being spent on defense layouts. Take the example of India. 

As we know that It is one of the poorest countries in the whole world. Our neighbor Pakistan is getting arms from the USA, France, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. 

We have also to gear up our defense and spend more on our defense forces. More than forty percent of our budget has been earmarked for defense. The same is the case with Pakistan. 

The government of that country is busy making a nuclear device, through its military regime can hardly afford the mammoth expenditures on the same. 

The cost of one bomb would cross a thousand crore Rupees. The common man in that country was consumed by fires of war. Nuclear power plants pose a very serious danger.

In Russia, the Chernobyl plant spread radiation all around and the neighboring countries also felt the shock.

The radiation level is already so high that some animals have already started dying due to it.

The smoke and pollution spewed by big industries are spoiling the whole atmosphere.

In Bhopal, thousands of people were killed due to the leakage of poisonous gas. Actually, In Switzerland, basically a private company let out the pollutants in the river and the whole marine life of the river was wiped out. 

After that, all this poisonous material reaches the ocean and kills fish of every type. The whole work is done by machines. One machine can work for thousands of persons.

Unemployment is increasing at a very fast rate. Even those people, who work in the factories, sit idle for the whole day. We have forgotten manual labor that could keep us physically fit. We cannot always enjoy a healthy, vigorous and busy life. 

Science stated as our servant but is becoming or master at a faster pace. It is getting on our nerves and that day is not far off when the entire humanity would suffer a great deal on account of the evils of science. Man himself can undo this damage if he wakes up to the occasion.

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đź’¬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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