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What is an Internship: Importance and Types of Internship


Nowadays the practice of internship in courses like medical, engineering, management has increased considerably.
Importance of Internship

Today, We will discuss the importance of Internship. We will know the difference between free and paid internships.

Earlier medical students were given internships while pursuing the MBBS course. But nowadays it is given in all courses. On completion, the student has to submit the thesis by writing it. They have to give a written description of what they learned during the internship.

Under the internship, a student gets the experience of working with a company, factory or institution for 2 to 6 months. The goal of this is to gain practical knowledge. 

Nowadays the practice of internship in courses like medical, engineering, management has increased considerably.

In today's time, companies want to give jobs to people along with theoretical knowledge. Many things are not written in books. There are many advantages to doing an internship.

By doing this, you know how to work in the industry. The internship provides technical knowledge, soft skills, team spirit. The corporate environment makes helps a lot in the development.

There are two types of internships: 

  • Paid: Paid internships have a fixed amount of money. 
  • Unpaid: No amount is paid in unpaid internships. There only a certificate is given.

💢Advantages of Internship:

Get practical knowledge

Doing an internship provides practical knowledge. Many things are not written in books, but they are adopted in business. Along with this, one gets to learn about social skills, business exposure, soft skills, how workplaces work in a company, how to treat team members.

Get to learn timing tickets

Doing internships gives information about timing tickets. What time to come to the office, it is necessary to come at the right time in the office. Work has to be submitted on time. During college, students are not punctual, but in jobs, they have to do every task on time.

Help in getting job

If you get an opportunity to do an internship with a big company, then their experience also gets added to your resume. This increases your chances of getting a good job. At times, students get a job in the same company. It has been found in various surveys that better practical knowledge increases the chances of getting a job by 50%.

New friends and networks are made

One big advantage of an internship is that you get many good friends. Your network gets bigger and stronger than before. Sometimes with the help of the network, you also get a good job.

Communication skills are available

A major benefit of an internship is that of communication skills. Like how to talk to your boss or team member, how to talk on the phone, how to deal with a client or customer, how to answer emails, how to give a quotation to a client, how to close a deal. All these things are learned.

Confidence increases

The biggest advantage of doing internships is that there is confidence in the students. It also shows how work is done in a company, office, workplace while doing a job. It also enhances information.

💢How to get an internship?

Get an internship with the help of college

The college where you are studying, many companies come for a summer internship in colleges. They need some promising youth. Those companies also get some benefit from internships. So they also give an internship themself. Colleges in Engineering, Management College contact other companies for internships.

You can also apply to a company

Contact the company you wish to do an internship indirectly and talk for an internship. You have to make your Resume well. After a short interview, you will get an opportunity to do an internship.

Get help from Counsellor / Job Placement Agencies

If you are facing difficulty in getting an internship then you can take the help of a professional counselor or a job placement agency. They have contact with many companies. You will get an internship immediately.

💢How to choose the right internship?

To choose an internship, you have to pay attention to your interests. For example, if you are pursuing an MBA course and have specialized in marketing, then you should do an internship in a company where you have marketing experience.

In the same way, if you are doing MBA from finance, then you should choose the company where you get to learn things related to finance. During the internship, you have to work according to your interests.

Select the internship in the area you want to go to. For example, international business, marketing, supply chain management, retail management, etc.

💥Aim of Internship Objective of Internship:

Nowadays almost all big companies offer internships. They believe that future generations should not only get bookish knowledge but also business knowledge should also be given. This provided them with a young, talented workforce in the future. Its other purpose is also to share knowledge.

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