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What is the Operating System? - Types, Characteristics, Advantage

Operating System:

A computer without an OS is useless.
Operating System

Hello Friends, Welcome to Hints 4 You. Today, We will discuss the Operating System and its types, advantages, disadvantages as well as characteristics. You should know about it. Let's start...

An operating system can be easily understood based on the following points: 
  • The operating system (OS) is system software that acts as an interface between the computer and the user.
  • The operating system is a set of instructions that are stored in a storage device. It is a group of programs that manage the resources and operations of the computer.
  • It is the first program to be loaded into the computer. It is also called a program of programs.
  • OS manages all the operations of the computer.
  • The function of OS is to run other programs and applications and it acts as a bridge between the hardware and software of the computer.
A computer without an OS is useless.
  • In a multitasking operating system, many programs run at the same time. And the operating system determines which program will run when and for how long.
There are two types of the operating system: 

        Character user interface (CUI)
        Graphical user interface (GUI)

(1) Character user interface (CUI):
CUI is not user-friendly and to run this OS one always has to type the command. As in DoS.

(2) Graphical user interface (GUI):
The GUI operating system is user-friendly and does not require a command to run this operating system, rather a program has to be clicked with the mouse. As in windows.

đź’ĄCharacteristics of Operating System:

(1) Memory management: 
     The OS manages the memory, it keeps a complete record of the primary memory and sees which the program has used which part of the memory. Whenever a program requests, it allocates memory.

(2) Processor Management: 
      It allocates the processor (CPU) to the program and also deallocates it when the need is over.

(3) Device management: 
      As we know that the operating system also keeps information about all devices, it is also called the I / O controller. OS also decides about task, timing as well as program to which devices.

(4) File management: 
     It allocates and deallocates resources and decides which program to allocate resources.

đź’˘Advantage of the operating system:

  Due to the graphical user interface, it can be used easily. Thus, new users can run the computer without any difficulties.

 Through this, we can share a lot of data with users.

 By this, we can share resources such as - Printer.

 These can be easily updated.

 It is secure such as - windows has a windows defender that detects any kind of harmful files and removes them.

 Through this, we can install any game or software and run them.

 Some operating systems (as  - LINUX) are open source, we can run them on our computer for free.

đź’˘Disadvantage of the operating system:

   Some operating systems are free but some are expensive such as - The price of windows OS is around 5000 ₹ to 10000 ₹.

   Mac OS is more prone to viruses.

Hints 4 You.
Thanks for giving me your precious time.
We will meet again via the next post.

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