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Xiaomi 108MP Camera Phone Launching In India: Full Specifications

Xiaomi 108MP :

Xiaomi has altogether changed the game by bringing its most premium phone to market. This has been done to rival other competitors such as Oneplus 7t.
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Today, We will discuss Xiaomi 108MP Camera, which is really awesome as well as cool.

Xiaomi has been known as a loyal brand to many Indians. And they proved it again by soon-to-be launching their Mi Note 10 and Note 10 pro with a gigantic 108MP CAMERA.

This news was confirmed by a tweet done by Xiaomi India Head Manu Kumar Jain. Mi Note 10 was launched in Europe, America and many other countries before it gets launched in India. There were wide-spread Speculations that Mi Note 10 will not come to India, but they were just rumors.

Xiaomi has altogether changed the game by bringing its most premium phone to market. This has been done to rival other competitors such as Oneplus 7t.

As it will be a premium phone it price range may bring a deep hole in your pocket. It is said that the price will be around 40,000INR for Mi Note 10 and can go up to 50,000 Mi Note 10 Pro.

The specifications will make you go nuts because all the hardware used in this phone is top-notch.


  • A Penta camera (108MP + 22MP + 20MP + 15MP + 2MP) STRUCTURE
  • A huge 5320 mah battery which supports 30w fast charging, so you don’t wait for ages to charge up a battery
  • 6.47 inch 3-d curved display.
  • It also includes everyone’s favorite 3.5mm head jack with USB Type -C.
  • For PUBJ lovers it supports the QUALCOMM 730G processor with2.2GHz frequency and a powerful GPU latest Qualcomm® Kryo™ 470 so that your game could run much smoother.
  • It also has a multifunctional NFC such as Google pay in which you can easily pay in shops without even showing your card.
  • It supports 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Vloggers will truly love this phone because it has a special VLOG MODE in its camera app which lets you record your life moments with special effects and stabilization. It would help many newbie bloggers who want to enter this world cannot afford a DSLR camera.

Xiaomi even claims that it has a 35% increase in CPU Speeds and a 25% increase in GPU speeds. If this piece of information it would be a big hit in India, especially for millennials. It is said to be 5G ready phone which clearly shows that Xiaomi is making phones for the future.

It will also rock Xiaomi home-produced operating software MIUI 11 which is based Android 10 with services such as Xiaomi Game box 2.0 which hides notifications and calls whenever you are playing a game, this will help the user to have more smooth full gaming experience

This phone can give a good competition to other rival companies but there is just one weak spot in this phone which is its price, Xiaomi is known for its cheap phones and launch a phone with a big price tag can it’s customers a good reason not to buy it.

But if the phone provides true value to customers it can be a big hit in the India market even with that price tag.

So, Friends! What your views on it, Do Comment On it.

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