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A Lifestyle Guide To Prevent Cancer: Maintain Your Health

Prevent Cancer:

You don't need to be a fitness freak but a light schedule of an hour or two days working out will keep you on the toe.
Prevent Cancer

Today, We will discuss a few tips to prevent Cancer in your life.
CANCER is a formidable foe and it haunts mankind more than any disease ever occurred. But like everything, it can be preventable and that's of paramount importance. Stuck in the limbo of modernity and opulence, a simple but effective lifestyle can keep cancer at bay. 

The fascinating rather terrifying fact about cancer is its ability to happen in any part of the body. Be it harmless hair follicles or the complicated hypothalamus, cancer has it all covered. 

💥Here’s a few to duel the disease:

⇛1) A stable diet routine is an efficient way to control and prevent the growth of tumor cells. A diet that has a non-starchy composition like green vegetables helps prevent esophageal carcinoma. Citrus fruits have a commendable contribution to its high content of Vitamin C which is known for its anti-cancer properties. 

Eat plenty but eat healthily and cut down the consumption of artificially prepared food. Your door-step delivery pizza may taste good but all that glitters are not gold!

⇛2) A working out plan is mandatory as that of a good diet. Be it brisk walking, jogging around the park or practicing martial arts. The enhanced metabolic rate prevents the deposition of toxic substances inside the body and helps in maintaining a fit posture. 

You don't need to be a fitness freak but a light schedule of an hour or two days working out will keep you on the toe.

⇛3) A fit physique that completes the "prevention triangle" of exercise, weight control, and a healthy diet. No matter whether you are an endomorph, mesomorph or an ectomorph maintaining a fit physique is non-negotiable. 

Be it following a diet chart or a work-out plan, having a normal BMR and weight-under-control is a boon for one. Cancer cells are inhibited due to strong and sustainable immunity obtained from a fit body.

⇛4) No consumption of carcinogenic substances such as tobacco, carbonated drinks, adulterated food products such as processed food and beverages. Consumption of excessive alcohol leads to hepatic complications which enhances malignant cell growth. 

Abstaining from processed meat products is also an effective habit to prevent carcinoma. One can stay away from high-energy content which may serve as a promoter of the inert carcinoma genes. 

It's often considered an undeniable cause of cancer.

⇛5) Regular medical care to diagnose any potential proliferation in the body which otherwise may appear harmless. Cancer is a silent killer and often stays underground and symptoms appear in the termination stage. 

With a proper and early diagnosis, it gives an ample and precious time-line to address the otherwise silent killer. What doesn’t have a permanent cure is curable with early detection.    

⇛6) Application of cosmetics such as sun-screening lotions that have UV inhibiting SPF contents. They prevent the skin from exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun which on long-exposure leads to mutation and hence carcinoma cell proliferation. 

Regular application of sun-screen lotions not only minimizes its rate but keeps the skin safe and secure. However, limiting one's presence under the sun especially during noontime does a lot besides the application of cosmetics.

⇛7) An ethical lifestyle though may appear as an underrated way of life but it’s too important to neglect. Be it practicing safe-intimacy or leading a healthy way of life, it’s down to the elementary and its positive outcomes which keep something as cancer under check.

Life is precious for the blessing of the present and the possibilities we have. Disasters and catastrophe can't be foreknown but their prevention is very much possible. 

A little routine followed through effectiveness often ward off great menace which otherwise is beyond mortal will.

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💬Contributed by: Pradipta Chakraborty

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