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Sony Xperia Touch Projector: Review, Features, Specifications

Sony Xperia Touch Projector:

This gadget projects ultimately senses or monitors human’s finger movements and turns your table-top into a virtually 10 point screen or display.
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Today, We will discuss the best gadget of Sony Xperia Touch Projector.
Sony Xperia Touch is not like an android device that we were used to. It is an interactive device. It does not contain a screen of its own. This touch gadget projects the appliances like television, smartphone, smart speakers in our home. 

Sony Xperia Touch gadget is an android product that provides completely a full range of features of android. This device itself a versatile device. This device allows the user to stream videos, play games and enable designers to “build and create” on any down surface. It is a creative and interesting idea that survives for the long term in the market.

 This Sony Xperia Touch gadget projects the screen in a downward manner on the ground surface. It can project a 23-inch screen in our desk which acts like a tablet. It projects an 80-inch screen in our home wall to watch movies. In this gadget, touch movements are enabled. 

Xperia touch manages the impossible. This gadget projects ultimately senses or monitors human’s finger movements and turns your table-top into a virtually 10 point screen or display.


The processor of this gadget is 1.8GHz Six-core snapdragon 650. It supports RAM of 3GB. The Screen size of this gadget is 23inch or 80 inches. The type of screen it supports is SXRD short-throw projection unit projector and its resolution is 1,366x768. 

It contains a Front camera with 13 megapixels and does not contain a Rear camera. It supports Bluetooth 4.2, with a C-Type USB and micro-HDMI port and strategically-placed two-way stereo speakers for rich sound. 

The operating system of the gadget is Android 7.0 Nougat and the battery size is 1,200 mAh approximately one-hour usage in continuous video playback mode. It supports GPS itself of its own. Sensors used here are Mic, Accelerometer*2, e-compass, GPS, Gyro, Ambient Light, Barometer, Temperature, Humidity, Human detection. Wi-Fi connection: 11 a/b/g/n/ac(SISO).

This gadget is quite similar to mobile too. The Xperia Touch pocket-sized gadget is 69x143mm footprints and weighs about 932g, it is lightweight, very compact and small enough to carry anywhere. This device is lighter than many other laptops. 

The device used for the indication is LED. Some of the control systems used here are Touch Control using IR sensor,10-point multi-touch, Gesture Control (Pointer gesture, Remote Controller Gesture).  Power delivery through USB is 15V. 

The built-in applications are Synchronization Via Exchange ActiveSync-SyncML, Google Sync, Facebook, Google Voice Search, Google Talk Application, Google Maps with street view and latitude, Google Mail.

Sony Xperia Touch Projector is controlled by air hand gestures and functions are done by finger movements which are sensed by sensors that are present inside the projector. 

The Sony Xperia Touch projector uses an infrared sensor that turns the flat surface into a virtual touch screen. This device lets anyone interact with any surface even with wet hands or greasy hands.

It also contains NFC [Near Field Communication] at the top, so if someone use “OK Google” to ask for the directions, simply we can touch the NFC on the top and then beam the data to your device, which will be the way we get the navigation information on your phone, ready to go. 

It can stay idle and remain unplugged in-home via C-Type USB port for charging, but it has the battery life capacity to run for one hour remain unplugged. This device allows the user to control the projected android user interface with fingers which is similar to the using of mounted device i.e tablet, smartphones except without the physical, visible display.

The Sony Xperia Touch Projector uses infrared lights to project the images or videos on a flat surface that uses 60 frames per second camera. The Xperia touch senses and captures the user’s hand movements to process them into treating those images as if they were similar to tablets or smartphones. 

This device can project applications, movies, videos, video chat, news updates, web browsers, weather reports, etc.

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