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Making Life Successfully Meaningful: You Should Know It

Meaningful Life:

They analyzed, brainstormed, strategized kind of SWOT analysis throughout the night and finally, like the old tale, The tortoise won the race
Meaningful Life

Today, We will discuss our meaningful life, which is really valuable for us as well as others.
Let’s start with a tale; the new version of an old tale. Once there lived a hare, who always bragged about his ability to run fast to his beloved friend, Tortoise. Having fed up with his boastful nature, one fine day, the tortoise accepted his challenge for a running race with hare. 

On the previous night of the competition, seeing him apprehended and nervous, another friend of the tortoise tried to motivate him; to instill confidence in him asking him to focus on the weaker areas of the hare. 

They analyzed, brainstormed, strategized kind of SWOT analysis throughout the night and finally, like the old tale, The tortoise won the race. 

The old tale conveyed the message of humbleness and the negative effects of possessing too much pride in oneself whereas the new version focused on how to be a Winner, how to play Smart!! it emphasized the importance of knowing well about the competitor wholly. 

IS not this what we do with the younger generation these days?? In the race of upbringing smart kids, which is undeniably the “need of the day”; parents and teachers fail to acknowledge the simple yet strong values of humbleness, simplicity, tolerance, kindheartedness, being merciful so on and so forth.

The successful people, the stalwarts, the visionaries of yesteryears have always tried to pass on the significance of these virtues which can make any person a complete human. 

The virtues with which, our kids can withstand any struggles, any bitter experiences in their lives, not leading their lives towards counseling centers. Unfortunately, we seldom realize this.

đź’ĄCurrent Situation:

Today’s parents have adopted the Helicopter Parenting style, which has made our children emotionally incompetent. Winning has become the slogan of the era. Exploring more and more on how to be the most successful person in terms of materialism is being given prominence. 

It is so ironic that these parenting patterns have been adopted by young highly educated parents! Another downside is the way children are pampered. Nuclear families, where both parents work, spend quality time with children and that too loading them with more stuff than they need.

This, in turn, makes the scenario worse; it’s not uncommon when we hear about children, even below the age of 10 committing `suicide, just because he or she couldn’t withstand scolding from the loved ones. Quality time is not for kids, they need Quantity time from parents, which they fail to understand. 

No mobile application can replace the guidance of the parents as these gadgets lack emotions. The budding generation is unable to identify the scolding tinged with love and care, or the responsible people put out of their minds in conveying it properly.

This is indeed a serious issue that has to be addressed in no time. The society has become so eccentric
that, any person would dare to beat his fellow being to death!! We go ahead glorifying our culture and
beliefs thereby criticizing the budding generation. 

It is not their fault; it is the elders who disregarded to transfer values to them as we were running hard in getting them worldly pleasures and demanding careers. 

Let me wrap up quoting a few sentences from one of the greatest leaders, the world has ever seen, Abraham Lincoln, where he wrote a letter to his son’s headmaster, “ Dear Teacher, Teach him to be gentle with people; 

Teach him, if you can how to gracefully lose and enjoy winning when he does win; Teach him , It may be possible they can be glory in failure and despair in success”, then which indeed implies the valuable significance of these effective, simple, strong, positive virtues which can really make life meaningful, successfully meaningful…

Hints 4 You.
Thanks for giving me your precious time.
We will meet again via the next post.

đź’¬Contributed by: Sini Thomas

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