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Being Passionate: What Should You Do?

Being Passionate:

This quality makes efforts feel effortless, hard work enjoyable instilling enthusiasm in one's deeds.
Being Passionate

Today, We will discuss logical ideas about passionate. 
The significance of possessing the right attitude and clear perception have become the talk of the current era. This is obvious as we live in a fast competitive world. Motivational speakers, as well as books, are on high demand these days. 

We always think of doing something big through smartness; that too is important. Along with these two factors, one more hidden factor becomes prominent without which aspirations go void. 

It is not a not known concept or quality, the very indispensable, which makes life moving; the seven-letter word; PASSION. This quality makes efforts feel effortless, hard work enjoyable instilling enthusiasm in one's deeds. 

Taking into account, the life experiences of any legend, we see a strong amount of passion in them. Let's call it the key factor to success as this can assure success. 

When AMUL, the nation's largest dairy celebrated its 96th birthday recently, it indeed gives us a question of how is this possible?. 

A brand that has won the hearts of millions of people, creating a special place in their minds. Consistency is something that stands high about a brand, which Amul has exemplified well.

šŸ’„Important Story:

The story of Amul hails back to the 1960s when a young engineering professional gave a deep thought for the welfare of a group of farmers in Gujarat. Having understood that the poor people were being exploited by the giants in the market, he decided to address the issue. 

We call him, Milkman of India, Dr. Verghese Kurien, a mechanical engineer from Kerala. Dairy was never his field, he was there only as a part of his govt. posting. Being a great learner, who always tried to find enthusiasm in what he does lead to the birth of the renowned brand, which customers accepted whole heartedly. 

It was his passion that took this brand to glorious heights. Right attitude with clear perception and strong passion paves the way towards much greater qualities such as dedication, consistency and the very demanding Innovation.

Amul has been instrumental in consistently innovating its products as well as services with one
hundred percent dedication. Another interesting factor is that the leaders hardly failed in identifying the right recruits for the company making its nation, the world's biggest dairy producer. 

Ultimately, it is not the qualification or work experience that matters; the passion towards a better world can make drastic changes in society. Lucrative becomes meaningful with passion; as this particular factor has infinite underlying factors within.

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šŸ’¬Contributed by: Sini Thomas

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