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Biography Of Ashweetha Shetty: Founder Of Bodhi Tree Initiative

Success Story Of Ashweetha Shetty:

But her thoughts flew high, high enough to makeAshweetha Shetty the first graduate in her family.
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Today, We will discuss Asweetha Shetty who is a Founder and CEO of the Bodhi Tree Initiative. From rolling beedis to growing a bodhi tree. Basically, Bound in a cobweb of family responsibilities and conventional thoughts.

It was very difficult for Ashweetha to convince her own parents that she wished to lead her life differently, on a path unexplored by them. But her thoughts flew high, high enough to makeAshweetha Shetty the first graduate in her family.

After seeing her, anyone can say, what’s special in her? She is just a normal lady but her work makes her extraordinary. Mukkudal village of Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu is famous for beedi rolling. But it’s behind in the education field. 

More children are busy with rolling beedis than in school. As it is the only source of income, she was expected to do it. But now her breathtaking achievement Inspire them.

šŸ’„About Her Journey:

Firstly she struggles to convince her parents about her extraordinary dream. Now her whole village feels proud of it. She reached heights of success and become the first graduate in her family.

Being a graduate is just a small thing. In the final year of her graduation in Business administration
Ashworth began appearing for various examinations in further studies. 

That day become a turning point in her life when the librarian brought to her notice on the advertisement of the Young India Fellowship of Ashoka University. She applied for it.

How can spark in her remain unnoticed to Ashoka university? After a Skype interview, Ashweetha
become a part of the year-long fellowship program of the Young India Fellowship.

Ashweetha mentions, “ it was the most important year of my life. Initial few months I wasn’t
comfortable there but it ends up in good. The entire experience of the fellowship helped me to
understand me.

Right after fellowship, she jumped into the Sughavazhvu healthcare program. She worked and spread
healthcare awareness not only in senior citizens but also in young of Tamil Nadu. This gave her
experience of working between people.

She knows exactly how to found bound with people. Many people unknown about how the bodhi tree
started. Ashweetha knows how it feels simply living without education. In her village, there were
hundreds of potential Ashweetha whose lives bound inside beedi rolls. Ashweetha from her own eyes
seen her friends wasting their lives in rolling beedis.

After spending one year in healthcare her came back to her native place where she is most needed. She founded the bodhi tree foundation which changes many children's lives. It is just that rural youth is not aware of education why the bodhi tree is for their rescue from that time.

Bodhi tree foundation visit schools and colleges and conduct workshops for rural students. They
published a booklet which has details of various options and examinations for higher studies. Many
things are there to learn from her.

But one thing for sure she never changed her direction because of the hurdles in her path. No challenges ever challenged her, no power could tend her. Not everyone born with bright fortune, but some make it on their own and Ashweetha is one of them.

Being sensible is a big thing when you are not suffering. While she was learning she suffered a lot. But right now she is Young India Fellow and Acumen, the regional fellow. Then also she never forgets that she grew up in a small village where beedi rolling is the only way for living life.

She knows there is a difference between urban and rural college graduates in terms of remote geography, lack of pedagogical resources, cultural abstinence and poor infrastructure. She is determined to change it.

She is growing up in a small village in Tamil Nadu and become the first-generation graduate even when there is no one to guide her. She was looking for guidance but no one was there. Her parents are uneducated.

She was looking for people to help her. She applied for every opportunity that came in her way.
This much of struggle she suffered which she didn’t want for others to suffer. So she is raising funds for the bodhi tree foundation which helps village youth to get an education.

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