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Don't You Want To Know: What's Happening Around You?

About the World:

Schools, hospitals, transport, rail and air flights all have been affected by so many public sector workers walking out and joining.
Around You

Today, We will discuss World. We have to know about the current condition of the world.
There was a deadly shooting rampage in naval air station in Pensacola, Florida. A member of the air force, authorities say he was shooting at random. 

The Navy’s key aviation training put a block down when the shooter moves from floor to floor. At least 3 people killed, 8 wounded and among the wounded 2 people being hurt tried helping to put the shooter down.  The man hates America and is all under investigation.  

The gunman was Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a member of the Saudi Air force. People were grieving for the lives lost. Hundreds of Saudis have been trained in the Navy Air Station. In France, there’s paralysis across large parts with the biggest public sector strikes in decades. In Paris, there are real disturbances and more clashes there. 

šŸ’„What People Do Think?

Millions of people taking to the streets and they see another volley of tear gas being fired and various journalist there and so many people out there on the streets and they are protesting because of planned proposed changes to pension laws that Emmanuel macron is government want to bring in and we’ve seen in so many different places in France. 

Schools, hospitals, transport, rail and air flights all have been affected by so many public sector workers walking out and joining. These are some of the worst crashes we’ve seen in Paris. 

Health workers, teachers and lawyers, and police are also taking part. 

Iranians face a serious problem and Trump calls it the maximum pressure. There was the killing of around 200 protestors by the security forces in the last fortnight. The situation in Lebanon is very dangerous and people are suffering from the devaluation of the Lebanese currency. The economic situation, the financial situation is collapsing. 

They were not able to accept things like this so they said very clearly that the government has to be forced to put an end to this collapse and decline. US Secretary of state Pompeo states that he doesn’t want to see Hezbollah in the government and doesn’t want to see Hezbollah participating in Lebanese politics. 

The US Secretary of state Pompeo regards their organization as a terrorist organization. The Hezbollah consider themselves as people who liberated the land, a party which serves the interest of the people and also serves for the betterment of the people. America and British support Israel which has gained power. 

Protestors bean directly to break and carry out acts of sabotage. America and people supporting these acts don’t want stability in Iran. According to Iran, every kind of danger against Lebanon serves the interests of America and Israel. They believe that when they have any kind of sedition in Lebanon America is behind it. 

They want to solve their social, economic and financial problems. The Lebanese people are vigilant and they won’t do as the other parties want them to do. Iran says that if Israel launches aggression or attack they will use their enormous rockets and missiles including guided missiles. 

They say that they will respond to the maximum level to prevent its aggression and preventing them from making any achievement. Iranian strength is of defensive nature and they will continue to increase their arsenal and also enhance it. 

They say that any large scale danger in the region could ignite the whole region in flames and those who initiated the aggression will take a big responsibility and also take responsibility for the very large scale response. 

According to the war with Israel is unlikely at this stage because there is a real balance of deterrence between Israel and Hezbollah and Hamas and the Jihad in Palestine. The balance of deterrence contributes to the absence of the war. The Syrian people stood with President Assad.
Toxic foam blankets the Indian Marina Beach, Chennai. 

The locals reported that the foam is toxic caused by pollutants in sewage mixing with seawater which is frothed up by waves. One local official informed the Indian Express Newspaper. Nature returns what we give.

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