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What Is Entertainment?:

Activities like cooking and archery also come under entertainment. Entertainment for one group may be considered as an act of cruelty by others.
Types Of Entertainment

Today, We will discuss the introduction of Entertainment. There are several types of entertainment.
Entertainment is a leisure activity that holds the attention of the person to give pleasure. Individual people have different preferences in entertainment. Entertainment can be in the form of art, music, dance, story play. 

There are even separate industries for Entertainment in the cinema field. The main idea of entertainment is fun and laughter besides there is serious purpose too.  The audience has roles either active or passive. Active refers to watching a film or a show and actively refers to activities like sports and games. 

Entertainment can be public and private. Public entertainment refers to theatre and private entertainment refers to playing video games. Entertainment remains persistent over the years. Certain entertainment like public execution has been banned in most of the countries. 

Activities like cooking and archery also come under entertainment. Entertainment for one group may be considered as an act of cruelty by others.   

šŸ’„Important Features of Entertainment:

Entertainment can be a mixture of physiology and psychology. Psychologists say media tries to attain gratification and no benefit is obtained from it. Education is in contrast to entertainment. 

Entertainment can also go beyond gratification and bring insights into people like Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Storytelling is not only a way in which people pass culture and tradition and history from one generation to another. 

In the early days walking on stilts is a form of entertainment. Gladiatorial combat is entertainment in the early period in Rome which is a combination of sport, punishment, and entertainment. Early centuries in Europe has public punishment has been accepted. 

Entertainment for children includes playing games, watching puppets, clowns, and cartoons which are also enjoyed by adults. Playing games has an impact on the child’s development both physically and mentally. Today for children entertainment is available on the internet which is a significant change from the earlier times. 

It badly affects the child’s health and leads to the collapse of the child’s engagement with nature. In the early day's banquet is the place for entertainment. Music is used to enhance storytelling which is also a universal and popular type of entertainment. The instruments used in music entertainment can be a human voice or instruments or a mixture of both. 

Games can be played as entertainment or as an achievement as well. They can be played in teams or alone. Video games are played using a controller which displays on the screen or can connect remotely to people over the internet. Number games can develop mental power and physical games can develop motor skills. 

People choose reading either due to the unavailability of performance entertainment or can be interested in reading books. Comedy is entertainment providing laughter and amusement. The audience’s expectation has changed over time regarding comedy. Live performance is also a form of entertainment especially before the launch of any audio or video recording. 

The audience shows their appreciation in the form of applause. All performers have a high risk of failing entertaining. Storytelling is not only entertainment but thinking through contradictions and human conflict. Most powerful stories are also developed into books, music, and films which increase their longevity and enhance their entertainment value. 

Theatre performances are mostly dramatic and presented on the stage. Expectations of the performance have also changed over time. Commercial newspapers began to add theatre columns which have made theatre a legitimate subject. 

Dance provides entertainment for all age groups. Dance performance not only includes dancers but also the audience and the choreographers. There are different dances in each place like Bharatham, Kathak and Western.  

Some of the dances like ballet need high-level training. The circus is a special type of theatrical performance that involves skills like acrobatics and juggling. 

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