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Everything You Need To Know About Android Q Beta: Official Update

Come To Know What’s New in Android Q?

improving experiences like gaming and augmented reality.
Android Q Beta

Today, We are going to talk about Android Q which is really interesting. You should know about it.
Android is really going to reach version 10 and operating on 2.4 billion active devices this year. Many changes have come since version 1.0, back when smartphones were just an early idea. Now, these have become an integral part of our lives. 

These help us to stay in touch and organizing our day to day lives and to find everything viz. restaurant in a new place. Looking forward, we are going to continue our focus on working with partners to shape the future of mobile and make the smartphones more helpful with our next release Android Q.

As people are very used to keeping their smartphones constantly and trust them with lots of personal information, we would like to make sure that they are always in control of their data and also how it is shared. 

As people are spending more time with their smartphones, building tools that are helpful for them to find balance with technology is our topmost priority. This is the reason that we are focusing on three key areas in our next release, Android Q: innovation, security, and privacy
and digital well being.

New Mobile Experiences Together with more than 180 gadget creators or device makers, Android has been at the cutting edge of new mobile technologies. Huge numbers of them similar to the main OLED displays, predictive typing as well as high density and huge screens with edge-to-edge glass have come to Android first.

This year, new industry patterns like foldable phone displays and 5G in Android Q are pushing the limits of what smartphones can do. Android Q is intended to help the capability of foldable gadgets—from multi-tasking to adjusting to different screen dimensions as you unfold the phone.

What’s more, as the principal working framework to help 5G, Android Q offers application developers tools to work for faster connectivity, improving experiences like gaming and augmented reality.

Privacy And Security Are The Main Focus:

With the years passing, Android has developed many industry-first privacy and security protections, like file-based encryption, SSL by default and work profile. Android has the most widely-deployed anti-malware and security service of any operating system in today’s time, a special thanks to Google Play Protect which scans over 50 billion apps every day.

You are going to get even more in with Android Q, with almost 50 new features and changes that are focused on privacy and security. For example, in Android Q, Android Developers have created a dedicated Privacy and Security section under Settings, where you are facilitated to find important controls in one place. 

Under Settings of Android Q, you may find a new Location section that will give you more transparency and granular control over the location data that you will share with apps. Now with Android Q, you are facilitated to choose to share location data with apps only while they are in use. 

In addition to that, you will receive reminders when an app has your location in the background, by which you may decide whether you should continue sharing or not. With Android Q, Actually, you will also get the protection for other valuable and sensitive device information, like serial numbers.

Basically, Android Q introducing a way for you to get faster and best the latest privacy and security updates. We will surely update with Android Q, the important OS components in the background, which was the same, that is similar to the way we update apps. 

It means that with Android 10 you are going to get the latest security fixes, consistency improvements, and privacy enhancements as soon as they are available, without any need to reboot your phone.

Release Date of Android Q:

  • March 13:The first Android 10 developer beta has been launched, you should look it.
  • April 3:Android Q beta 2 has already given us bugs fixes and app bubbles
  • May 7: Android Q beta 3 has actually launched at Google IO 2019 and it's so good.
  • Early June: The final incremental update, beta 4, should get land in June
  • July: Beta 5 and beta 6, release candidates, may get land on this month
  • August: The final release has routinely taken place in August
Actually, the Android Q developer beta of Google is already present here, at least if you are having one of 23 of the compatible Android Q beta phones which includes all Pixel phones to the OnePlus 6T.

Know About Android Q Beta Program:

Android Q Beta for basically Pixel offers you a very simple and easy way to try pre-release versions of Android and also test-drive our new features. The feedback that you will provide will help us to identify issues and fix them and also make the platform better. Those all devices which are already registered will automatically receive updates for the latest upcoming beta version of Android Q.

Previously Enrolled?:
If anyone is previously enrolled with the Android P Beta Program, then you must enroll again to receive Android Q. Previous enrollment will not carry over to Android 10.

How can I Participate?:
You have to sign in to your Google Account to see a list of all of your eligible devices. After you
opt-in and have accepted the Android Beta Program Terms of Service then you can start sharing your thoughts and ideas about Android Q with us directly from your device or by joining the Android Beta Program Reddit community.

Before Enrollment:
As a part of the program, the updates that you will receive are pre-release versions and may also contain errors and defects that may also affect the normal functioning of your device. You will not be able to un-enroll and revert to a lower public release version of Android without first wiping all locally saved data on your device. 

You can also encounter issues restoring a backup. Basically, We may recommend reviewing the valuable and latest Pixel known issues before the enrollment in Android Q Beta. It is to be remembered that you will not receive separate monthly security updates while on a beta build.

Eligible Devices:

There are no eligible devices that are associated with this Google Account. Eligible devices that you might have signed into with your Google Account as the primary users will be shown on this page. Navigate to Settings > Accounts > Google to see a list of accounts on your device.

Once You Get Enrolled:
Phone Updates is basically Beyond the initial Android Q release to preview future Android 10 updates and Another thing's that you may remain in this Android Beta Program. These may include feature updates, bug fixes and improvements to stability and performance. 

You will automatically get pre-release updates as they become available if you have chosen to do so. You will begin to get regular public updates, at the end of the program.

Leaving the Beta Program:
After that To return to the stable then a public version of Android you may opt-out of the program at any time. All users on the device will be wiped out if you were opt-out when your device is running a beta version of Android 10. 

If you have chosen to stay enrolled until the end of the program, you will be graduate from the program and receive an update to the stable public release of Upcoming Android. Then your device will not be wiped out.

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