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Is Entertainment All About Internet?: Know The Truth Behind It

What Is Entertainment?

So when you physically sit down and do nothing for a couple hours but you watch a movie or something
Entertainment With Internet

Today, Everyone in the country makes use of entertainment anyhow in the form of the internet. Now what I want to talk about is whether the entertainment is a waste of time or not. What we use as entertainment is really considered wasting time and that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

What’s going on in the world right now, it represents a lot of media entertainment between movies with the Oscars coming out soon. We’ve got the Big Boss which was the biggest televised event in India and with the show which is live on a finale which just plays the broad range of what people use as entertainment.

So, imagine a pretty common situation in our society someone goes out to the movie theater to watch a two-hour movie comes home plays a few video games for a couple of hours sits down with a book and enjoys the rest of their afternoon now was that time wasted!?

This person definitely enjoyed themselves for those six hours they probably don’t see it as a waste of time. But when you come to think about it what did they do to improve the world to help others to be productive in their own lives and sure thinking about it that way being productivity versus enjoyment you know that does seem like a lot of time wasted.

Current Situation:

But today I’m here to give you another side of the argument does the person who doesn’t read there’s only one life during their lifetime and that is their own but a person who reads gets the chance to live many lives many throughout the stories that they read books or movies or any form of entertainment really is to simulate human interaction and feeling and put it into an art.

So when you physically sit down and do nothing for a couple hours but you watch a movie or something that’s really I think just as influential as anything you could do in life, you’re experiencing human emotion, you’re experiencing human interaction in what you’re watching, you’re making connections and understanding something complex that’s happening through art.

  • You know there’s a reason your gut hurts from laughing during a comedy or your sobbing at the end of a really dramatic movie. It’s because you’re making human connections.

You’re feeling human emotions from the art that’s portrayed in front of you these stories and narratives give you a chance to feel something else to experience someone else’s lives and imagine these characters more complexly and in a world where technology and art are dominating isn’t that what people need right now.

The argument that people are wasting more time by enjoying what technology has given us through the medium of expressing stories and human connections. I think despite technology’s best efforts there are still going to be extraordinary people out there doing extraordinary things that we can make into these stories.

I strongly believe that human creativity is immortal and books and movies are just the perfect media to display that in a more public way. But I want to share one thing that came to me at the Big Boss last night during the show.

There was a commercial for some really dramatic TV show that was coming out that was just premiering in a little bit and someone at the party said that they would not watch it’s too close to reality the traumatic events that they were advertising although it may not have been a true real situations that happen in life.

The fact is that there are people out there who wouldn’t watch something like that because it is in fact too close to reality as Lloyd says and noises off he comes to the theater to be taken out of his own problems and that’s what movies and books do to us.

They give us a way to live life from another perspective so with every hour you spend sitting on your couch watching TV or watching a movie or reading a book. You are not wasting time. You are experiencing human life from a different perspective.   

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