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Is Television Really An Idiot Box?: You Should Know It

What Is Television?:

We can stretch ourselves in our beds in our nightdresses and can switch on the TV with the help of remote control.
Is Television An Idiot Box

Today, We will discuss Television. What do you think about Television? 
The small screen has become so popular that people have stopped visiting the cinema halls. Actually, It provides the cheapest and easy entertainment for the whole family in a very sequenced manner. 

There is no need for dressing up, putting on socks and shoes and washing the face with the best soaps. We can stretch ourselves in our beds in our nightdresses and can switch on the TV with the help of remote control.

TV has become a medium of entertainment, education, and advertisement. It is for us to choose the programs of our liking. In the morning, there is a program of exercises. If we can create some open space around the TV the whole family can watch the TV with comfort. 

It should never be watched by sitting close to it; the effect on our eyes could b serious in that event.

The national program is the most interesting for the viewers of every taste. A play about the history of a refugee family from Punjab became so popular that people missed their appointments to view this program. It was not only popular in India, but also in neighboring counties like Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

The programs keep on changing and offer a variety of entertainment. In older days, Doordarshan Channel had a very hard time satisfying people of every taste. Now, there are different channels for each category like music, comedy, movies, drama, and news. India is a vast country and people of each religion and religion want programs of their own choice.

💥Sunday Special:

On Sunday, the telecast begins early in the morning and continues till late in the night, in the early days. The old people never miss the epic dramas like Ramayana, Krishnan and sometimes insist on their youngsters to join them. Some questions are advertised in all the newspapers and the readers are asked to send their replies within a specific period. 

Those, who gave correct replies, are selected and are called to the TV studios. The competition would continue for the whole year and we can learn much about the history and culture of our country through such programs.

Nowadays, cable TV is not at its peak. Private channels like Star TV Network, Sony Network, Zee Cinema are very popular as they offer a variety of entertaining programs. There are nearly 100 channels to choose from.

There are also programs for the youth and the students from various schools and colleges take part in them. In sum, TV is proving to b a wonderful source of entertainment and education. Few people claim that television is the root of all evil in society. The TV is called the idiot box. In our expensive life, TV is a cheap source of entertainment. 

We can be kept updated with the news around the world. Few shows and channels like Discovery and  PBS provide educational programs which increase our knowledge and make us aware of the things around us. Few shows can motivate people and help them pursue their goals. It helps people feel less lonely. 

TV expands our minds by knowing about different people’s cultures, ideas, and places they live in. When we are surrounded by strangers a popular show might give you a topic to speak about.  Television brings friends and families to bond over. 

Violence, crime, and sex depicted on television may have negative impacts on the children. Watching television for a long period may affect your health. It may lead to obesity. It can make us anti-social. It’s a waste of time watching when one has something else important to do. 

There are hundreds of channels available where people keep flipping channels to find anything worthwhile. Few people take television too seriously.  Television uses stereotype which wraps the people’s perception of the world.

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