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Know The Actual Meaning Of Together Forever: Importance Of Love

Together Forever:

When the culture plays an important role in love then its known as Indian love story.
Together Forever

Today, We will discuss feelings and meaning of together forever as well as it's importance.
Love is not just emotion. When you transform from selfish to selfless then its truly shows that you are in love. Love is a miracle which converts you in something which you never imagined. 

No one cannot be happy all the time or cant be smiley face all times. But love is the power which keeps lovers blessed all the time.

Just now I saw a boy I liked him and I have fallen in love with him. This kind of rush is not seen in love. Lust, attraction and love seems the same but they are way more different than it. 

Every love story is different. The love story is called as Indian love story when Indian culture reflects from it. 

Its not like that when love story is from India then its Indian love story. Indian culture not only seen in India, its also seen in foreign countries through Indians behaviour. When the culture plays an important role in love then its known as Indian love story.

šŸ’„As Like Our Story:

Rohan and Shravani are the new generation lovers who don't believe in caste system. But they have to believe in it as their parents have faith in it. Rohan is an Engineer who believe in truth and Shravani is a practical person. 

Not destiny but Instagram meet them ! Rohan and Shravani when starts to chats then hours passes but their chatting didn't finishes.

They have a compulsory routine of talking from 10 pm to 12 pm. Two months passed, on 14 February,Shravani proposed Rohan! Every girl has an image of her life partner in her mind. 

When they started talking Shravani was in relationship with Vinayak. After talking with Rohan she realised that Vinayak loves her, but she didn't feel the same for him.

Shravani wasn't strong enough to face Vinayak with her feelings. But she explained to Vinayak calmly because of support from Rohan. Love makes us complete. If someone gets angry instantly then love teaches to stay calm. In simple words, love filled life in creatures.

When you are in love with someone you didn't feel shy or hesitate to express it confidentially. Same did Shravani and Rohan found his soulmate in her. Rohan and Shravani are deeply in love with each other. 

The situation is that without calling each other they feel suffocated. Rohan is Maratha and Shravani is from another caste.

In most of the Indian love story caste matters. So how can Rohan and Shravani story be exception to it? Rohans father is very strict and particular about his children's marriage. He rejected three girls for his son because their kundli did not match with him.

Shravani's parents didn't have any problem with Rohan's caste, worth, religion, social status and all that crap. But in India marriage is an agreement between not only two people but also their families.

Rohan is twenty centuries  Lord Ram  , he obeys every word coming out from his parents. So he said to Shravani that I cant marry you.

Shravani was also aware of this thing. She didn't shattered as she isnt twenty centuries  Sita . When
you are deeply in love with someone then whatever he or she says it seems right. Same happened with Shravani she said ok to him.

There are two types of thinking, one is practical and the other one is emotional. Generally people think girls think emotionally. But its not like that. Women cant think twice when it comes to love.

Rohan is absolutely right that when it comes to parents and love, parents should be preferred. But don't you think he didnt think about Shravani?

Shravani asked only one thing from him, till your marriage date I want to be in relationship with you,
afterwards I want you as a best friend till my last breath. She cant live without Rohan. So she asked him to be with her forever as friend. 

Love doesn't mean to be physically close, its way more than that. Love keeps you connected from millions away.

Shravani and Rohan cant be together as Husband and Wife but they always be soulmates. Marriage
bond can be broken but soul connections are beyond it. Love makes fool, gives immense pain but then also you cant forget it. Shravani and Rohan never be married but they will be together forever.

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šŸ’¬Contributed by: Shravani Mhamane

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