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Social Media Is A Boon Or Bane: Know The Truth Behind It

Social Media:

Social media and text messages have been integrated into teenage life which promotes anxiety and lowers self-esteem.
What Is Social Media?

Today, We will discuss the effect of Social Media and we will know that Social Media is a boon or bane. Nowadays parents worry about how exposure to technology might affect the toddlers.
As we know that youngsters of this age are picking up new social skills at a pace. 

Elders don’t want youngsters to spend hours on an iPod or smartphone. While adolescence is a period of rapid development. Even a 4-year-old is playing with its dad’s mobile. Social media and text messages have been integrated into teenage life which promotes anxiety and lowers self-esteem. 

According to a survey conducted at the UK to 14-24 years old on how social media platforms have affected their health and well being and the survey says that Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have led to increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness, poor body image, and depression. Teens keep themselves occupied from they reach home till bed. 

They are on their phones online, texting, chatting, sharing, scrolling, and trolling. Teens before there was Instagram still used to keep the busy chatting on the phone or in-person when hanging out. 

That would have been an aimless hangout but they would have been experimenting, succeeding and failing in many real-time interactions.

đź’ĄCurrent Situation:

Nowadays teens are learning to communicate through the internet and not from another person. Speaking through social media is a barrier to clear communication. Making friends is a major part of growing it also requires a certain amount of risk-taking. 

It is a technology for sharing thoughts, ideas, and information through networks and communities. It gives a quick electronic communication of content which includes personal information, photos, videos, and documents. Users can use social media through a computer, smartphone and also using tablets.  

Social media has the power and ability to connect and share information with anyone on the Earth or even with many people simultaneously. 3 billion people use social media these days. 

It is an ever-evolving and ever-changing platform. According to research, social media users are mostly youngsters.

Almost 90% of the people are from the age group of 18 to 29. Social Media are of many forms such as social gaming, video sharing, reviews, blogging, photo sharing, virtual worlds, business networks and many. Even the government, politicians use social media to communicate with the voters and constituents. 

Social media is an indispensable tool for businesses and organizations. Companies use these platforms to promote their business, for consumer trends, providing customer service and support. It has a significant role in helping business. 

It enables social interactions on e-commerce sites and facilitates better and quick communication with the customers. A good customer relationship is built using social media.

Through social media have many positive sides it has many negative sides too. It also leads to stress and jealousy. The most popular social media websites are Face book with 2.27 billion users, the next top social media is YouTube with 1.9 billion users.

The rest are WhatsApp with 1.5 billion users, Facebook Messenger with 1.3 billion users, Instagram with 1 billion users, QQ, QZone, and Sino Weibo.

In the early days, there was competition for dollars in social marketing. The biggest mistake retailers make is that they create accounts on relevant social media and leave it with no activity. Having an account in social media doesn’t mean that the business is into social media. 

Users turn off when the business accounts are not active. It is suggested not to upload social media icons when they are not active on social media daily.

The most commonly shared content on social media is the image. So, including an image with the posts is important and it increases the chances of followers to share the image in the network. So everything depends on the user to use it in the wrong way or in a useful way.

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đź’¬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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