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Being Father: Know The Real Value Of Father In Our Life

Importance Of Father:

You can’t compare mother and father's love because becoming a father is not easy.
Being Father

Today, we will discuss the importance of a father in our life. Being a father, which types of responsibilities and support we get, let's know about it.

The older I get
the more I can see...
everything a dad
has to be.

I may have acted
like I never heard...
But dad I tell you
I got every word.

Dad, you thought
I didn’t see...
but I remember
all you taught me.

All of life’s lessons
along the way...
is the reason
I’m a good man today.

I’ve got all your virtues
honest and just...
the man that I am
is one you can trust.

All that I am
in all that you see...
Is all of the good
you taught me to be?

💥Few Important Things:

It’s not like that father doesn’t love their child but he can’t be as expressive as a mother that’s all. In childhood, I barely remember my father love me like a mother. Now I understand it was his way of loving me. You can’t compare mother and father's love because becoming a father is not easy. 

Mother can cry on their child’s failure but for father is not like that. When I was in college I got fewer marks. Mom was scolding me. But dad simply said do better next time and went into his study room. I thought he didn’t care about me. But later I came to know that he changed my college to get me
better education.

When you fall sick dad is the only one who thinks of you more than anyone. My mom takes care of me but he is always there. In this era is not easy to be the father. When dad first time held me in his hand he born once again as the father. From that dad, his behavior was changed my grandmother used to say me.

He was so chill in life but from my coming tremendous change came. Now I don’t remember when dad was the last time he went on vacation with his friends. Yesterday when I was seeing old pictures of dad I noticed he was like any teenage chill, fun-loving guy who transformed into an adult-only for me. 

It’s not easy to change. It’s not easy to not to go with friends. It’s not easy to be responsible. To run home is not a child’s play. Whenever I get the exam’s pressure I think of quitting it. But a father can’t quit. I see many times dad is in stress but he never shows it. Whenever he comes from office and see me his smile welcomes me. 

His happy face is always what I get to see. He never made me realize that he had a tough day. His love covers up his tiredness. I don’t understand why fathers are underrated. It’s not easy to hide feelings. I can’t hide my sorrow to him but I don’t understand how he can manage to hide it from me.

I really wanted him to understand he also has a life. While loving me he forgot it. So on his 40 birthday, I am planning a goa trip for him and his friends. I really wanted to make him happy. Last birthday I was away from home. I sound low when talked with him on my birthday so he came immediately in pine to meet me with family this is what father’s love is.

God once made a father
his best one of all
he was smart loving and determined
to come when his kids called

This father could be serious
he would sometimes get mad
but he was forgiving
when you did something bad

This father could be silly
he would tell many jokes
he could be quite annoying
when he gave tickles and pokes

God gave him to someone
but who could it be?
This very lucky person
turned out to be me.

I really wanted to know you all that fathers also love their child as much as mothers but their way of showing love is different.

Hints 4 You.
Thanks for giving me your precious time.
We will meet again via the next post.

💬Contributed by: Shravani Mhamane

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  1. Father is a very underrated emotion. Thanks for putting it out. Loved the content.


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