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Have You Heard Of This Natural Phenomena In The World: Checkout!

Natural Phenomena:

The most recent occurrence happened in June of 2012.
Natural Phenomena
Today, We will discuss a few natural phenomena, you should know it. The Morning Glory clouds as they are very rare, so there is only one place in the world where they can be predicted to occur regularly and that place is the ‘Gulf of Carpentaria’. The primary characteristic of these clouds is that they form bands of roll clouds. They travel at a rate of 10 to 20 meters per second and occur at only 100 to 200 meters above the ground. Morning Glory clouds can be just one cloud or it can be ten consecutive roll clouds when the clouds move what is actually happening is that a new cloud is constantly being formed at the front and one cloud is being destroyed at the end. The blood rain or red rain is a unique natural phenomenon in which it is thought that blood falls from the sky in the form of rain. It occurs at random places but has seen frequently in Kerala, India. The blood rain in Kerala first occurred in 1896 and has happened several times.
It was first reported in 2001 by locals after which several studies were conducted and the government later commissioned a study and found out that the rains have been colored by flying particles of a type of green algae that grows in the area. The most recent occurrence happened in June of 2012. There were also reports of blood rain in Sri Lanka in 2012 initially many superstitions were associated with blood rains and people thought it as a sign of bad luck since the scientific reason has been discovered. So whenever it happens people go for a walk in the rain and try to record the moment as it occurs rarely.

💥The Great Blue Hole:

The Great Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole near the coast of Belize. It lies at a distance of about 70 kilometers from the Belize city in America. It is believed to be formed over 15,000 years ago. This site was made famous by a diver named Jacques Cousteau who declared it one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world. Investigations by his team confirmed the holes origin as typical karst limestone formations board before rises in sea level in at least four stages. Later on, scientists found out that it was formed when sea levels were much lower as the ocean began to rise due to which the hole was formed the bright-red Lake.
Natron this amazing red colored Lake is found in Tanzania. Lake Natron can hit 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to a nearby volcano, scientists believe that there is a high level of mineral and salt in the water. The red color of the lake is due to volcanic activities and it's incredibly high-level pH. According to NASA, it's red color is due to halo archaea microorganisms that live in the lake due to salty waters. A number of tourists are fascinated to see this place not just because of its red color but also the remainings of animals that look like they've been turned to the stone which is a great and unseen sight for many. The sailing stones are also known as ‘walking rocks’. They are seen in many places but most commonly occur near the Death. Valley National Park in California, the stones move from one direction to the next on their own. Several hypotheses were suggested as to why they move and how they do it. First, it was thought wind is the cause but it was difficult to believe that wind moves such large stones. The sailing stones of the Racetrack playa in California have first studied in the 1900s scientists were not able to find the answers to the mysterious sailing stones for almost a century. In 2014 they finally solved the mystery by using time-lapse video footage it revealed that the stones moved due to moving ice sheets even at wind speeds the eternal flame falls in New York.

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