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How Is Television Related To Child's Development?: Health Tips

Importance of Television:

If there is a control on these two things then TV is good.
Television Vs Child
Today, let’s discuss and see which has been seen in the past. Some people say that watching TV programs can help children's development, while others disagree. What is your opinion? So in these two views are given and the opinion is asked. Some say that watching TV programs can help children's development while others say that they cannot have. 

So in this, I say that the effect can be both positive and negative. If children watch TV, it can have both types of effects. So what is needed is the control over the number of hours a child sits in front of the TV and the control over the type of programs a child watches. 

If there is a control on these two things then TV is good. If there is no control over these two things and TV is definitely bad for them. Television definitely has its good side. 

💥Entertainment Or Educational:

Actually, It can be entertaining as well as educational and can open up new worlds for children giving them a chance to travel the globe, learn about several cultures and gain exposure to ideas that it may never encounter in their own community. 

So television definitely has its good side this clearly says that I'm going to talk about the good points of TV that those two points are entertaining and educational as well as children by sitting in their own home they can easily travel the globe. 

They can travel the world to learn about different cultures and be exposed. Exposure means they get to know something contact experience coverage so they get exposure to the whole worlds that they may never encounter. This means face or gets or confront so this is they may never have then shown with a pro-social message. 

Pro-social is that is towards the society that is beneficial for the society shows with a pro-social message can have a positive effect on children's behavior programs with rule positive role models can influence them to make positive and valuable lifestyle changes. 

So if when the children watch shows with a pro-social message that can have a positive effect on their behavior and then there are programs in which they're role models. 

Children follow those role models if there are positive role models then children can be influenced to make positive changes in their lifestyle. The opponents may say that there are plenty of different mediums of information such as books, magazines, teachers but in our modern world children must learn faster and use all contemporary technologies to succeed in the competition. 

Now, opponents who say that children should not watch TV, they can say that they can learn all that from books and magazines and teachers but here the point is that in this modern world children must use all the contemporary means the modern of this time technology is to succeed in the competitive modern current present day. 

Now let’s see about the negative sides of the TV, on the other hand, watching too much TV can be very harmful. The major hazard is a matter of what children watch hazardous danger and risk peril menace. Many contents are unsuitable for young people many contents mean many programs mean many things which the programs have which are not suitable. 

Unsuitable means not suitable for young people like violence or porn like violence is aggressive behavior ferocity, fierceness, violence or pornography means vulgarity and these can badly disturb a process of mental development and make children less sensitive now these can disturb mental development such programs can disturb the mental development and children can become less sensitive. 

Television may affect students' schoolwork. Many students spend the most time watching TV at night although they have a lot of homework to do. Some young people, in reality, watch TV until midnight therefore it's not only affecting their work and values but also influences their spirits and physical strength. In the morning students may feel sleepy in the class. 

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💬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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