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Introduction Of Cyber Security: You Should Know About It

What Is The Importance Of Cyber Security?:

Living the Cyberspace but we are unknown about it.
Cyber Security

Where’d you go?
I missed you so. Actually, It seems as like it’s been forever since you’ve been gone. I don’t know by who, but I know that’s a song. I haven’t heard this in years, basically, it randomly popped in my head, it’s keeping me awake at 2am, so I’ll bring my laptop into bed.

Ah yes, I was remembering the lyrics incorrectly, but as usual, you’re impressive, you always seem to
get me. A few small tweaks and your search provided 155,000 results! Hey, now that I’m wide awake, what kind of “stuff” you got for adults?

We only know the internet, unaware of Cyber. Cyber is a more complex concept than the internet. We spend a lot of time on the internet but we don’t know that we are in Cyberspace. Cyber means internet availability. We live in the age of Cyber. Even the 5-year-old can use Cyber. But Cyber is not a child play. Cyber is like if we use it properly it can be a blessing but if we don’t it will be hell.

What is Cyberspace?

I have a special secret,
Whenever I’m online -
I don’t share with others

The things that are just mine.
My e-mail and my home address,
My phone number and name -
These are just for me to know,
In chat rooms or in games.
Instead, I use my nonsense name -
It’s my online identity!
When people ask me who I am,
I introduce my “cyber-me.”
And when I want to surf the Web,
for cool places,
I get some help from mom or dad,
or teachers from my school.

In simple words, Cyberspace is like the network of the internet. Living the Cyberspace but we are unknown about it. Like space, there are many stars and much more that are unknown to us. Likewise in Cyberspace, we are unknown to many things.
As the availability of the internet is increasing cyberspace is getting wider. The scenery of cyberspace in India.

Why you should never...

Use your real D O B, address, name details on Social media, particularly, to be displayed publicly?
Personal Security and Safety.

1.  Identity theft.
2. These are used as points of identity checks by businesses and even banks.
3.  They also use your email address
4.  Your Mobile telephone number.
5.  The criminals can set up a similar email,
6.  Claim they had to change the mobile number.

7.  Claim they lost or forgot the password they set up.
8.  Get access to your accounts, and change passwords.
9.  Set up new Facebook and other accounts.
10. Use these as proof of real existence with your stolen photos.
11. Most businesses do not do I P address checks. As staff is not capable to check this unless they specifically work in security.
12. They may already have your home address. Another thing that is asked to I D you.
13. Social Media and personal accounts have been hacked. Even dating sites like Ashley Madison have been hacked. Government Departments, Universities, Banks have been hacked.

Indians are aware of the internet but not about Cyberspace. Leading in increasing the cyberspace. Every second million people use Cyber in India. Cyberspace in India is continuously increasing but Cybersecurity is threatening. Cybersecurity is a very big deal in India because many are unaware of cyber. The demand for Cyber is increasing we should pay heed to you Cybersecurity.

šŸ’„What is Cybersecurity?

Cyber Crime?
It is no less than an Anime,
Not just aimed for a Dime,
Impersonation will be a matter of time.
It’s neither an Alphabet nor a Line,
Elaboration would take a lot of Time,
and I expect it’d be worth a While.
Though Phishing consists of an Email,
Vishing Smiting gets Favor in a Reflex,
Spams and Scams are Eligible for the Rest.

Cyber Criminal?
The techniques used are Minimal,
Defense from him isn’t Formidable,
and you just need to stay Practical.
Intentions: Prosperity!
I have that Curiosity,
to change the Generosity,

Of Cyber Crime’s Sinuosity.
Cyber Security!
Still Unsafe? Why?
The Onus of Surety against Crime,
For Yourself, Under You, it does lie.
Mayan Anja

Cybersecurity is not that difficult but it seems difficult. Because cyberspace is uncontrollable, you can't control. We can feel cyberspace. But can’t see it, can’t control it. This will be very difficult in India. Because firstly we should know what is cybersecurity? What is cyber? what is cyberspace? Then we can think about how to do Cybersecurity.

India is getting to know about Cyberspace. Many more people are doing awareness of Cyber. When their cybercrime happens we think about Cybersecurity.

Need for consultants:

Consultancy services are the paid one which provides expert advice. India is so forward is using the internet but lagging behind in cybersecurity. Expert advice in cybersecurity can be beneficial. As cybercrimes are increasing day by day, consulting about cybersecurity is required.

Hints 4 You.
Thanks for giving me your precious time.
We will meet again via the next post.

šŸ’¬Contributed by: Shravani Mhamane

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