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What Will Happen When Two Stars Collide?: Know This Science Fact

When Two Stars Collide:

Know This Science Fact
Stars Collision

Today, We will discuss Stars Collison. We should really know about it.
It was a year that saw long-held beliefs challenged by newly found wonders. A church that led to innovations and a glimpse 130 million years into the past in August 2017 alarm sounded at the most sensitive scientific devices ever constructed in Washington State.

Actually, the laser interferometer gravitational-wave Observatory In which LIGO detected faint disturbances from deep space. The signal also hit Lycos. Sister facility in Louisiana gravitational waves had reached Earth prepetition waves are ripples in space-time is incredibly dense.

💥Know This Science fact:

So to cause ripples you have to have some sort of object that has an enormous gravity like a black hole or a neutron star and when these objects are rapidly accelerating they bend space-time and create these ripples that then travel through the universe to our detectors on earth like the one last almost on high alert.

The LIGO team quickly reached out to Virgo, its European counterpart in Italy who confirmed that they too had detected gravitational waves and then as if by destiny the stars would align more than once to pave the way to a groundbreaking discovery.

Just two seconds later with the Fermi gamma-ray Space Telescope w,e detected a short bright flash of high-energy light and we call a gamma-ray burst this alerted the entire astronomical community to the fact that something very exciting was happening using data.

It was collected from LIGO Virgo and Fermi seventy ground and space-based telescopes scoured the edge of galaxy NGC for 993 some 130 million light-years away and it's from Earth searching for a small flash of light amidst a sea of stars.

It would take less than 12 hours after the alarms rang at LIGO fourth to have visual confirmation of a never-before-seen astronomical event. What they saw was the result of the merging of two neutron stars when they merged they created an explosion in space-time.

Those ripples went out across the universe as gravitational waves and were detected on earth the matter involved gave off gamma rays and other forms of light neutron stars are the collapsed cores of massive stars left behind after a supernova explosion no larger than a mid-sized city these dense stars have 10 to 60 percent more mass than our Sun.

This pair of stars 200 miles apart were locked in each other's orbit for over 11 billion years but as they started accelerating and moving inwards their orbit quickened from 30 times a second to an astonishing and unsustainable 2,000 orbits a second then 130 million years ago they collided in a resounding explosion peering into the past.

There is no doubt, Telescopes are able to see the remnants of one of the universe's most impressive firework shows a bright flash of blue followed the initial explosion growing redder and duller as the days passed until eventually fading to black the conditions around these merging neutron stars

It has densities and temperatures completely unlike anything we can do on earth the violent explosion was observed to have produced 200 earth masses worth of gold and 500 earth masses of platinum revealing for the first time.

The origins of heavy metals in our galaxy we think that all the gold basically which are available in the universe was formed in explosions of this kind after the explosion happens the gold is spread out into the gas and dust of the interstellar medium later on that gas and dust collapses into brand new stars and brand new planetary systems.

These weren't the first gravitational waves detected by LIGO this year two separate events have been measured before including a pair of monstrous black holes that collided to form an only single spinning hole 53 times more massive than the Sun.

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