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3346 Tonnes of Gold in Sonbhadra: 5 Times India's Gold Reserve

3,500 Tonne Gold Mine Found in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh:

Explain that the Government of India has 618 tonnes of gold reserves.
Sona In Sonbhadra
Today, we will discuss current and updated news about Gold, Its great news for us. We hope, it will be helpful to improve the Indian economy.

In Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, there is an estimated to be 2700 tonnes of gold in Son hill and 646.15 tonnes in the Hardi region. 

Order for its auction has also been issued through e-tendering. Earlier, a seven-member team has been constituted for geo-tagging of mineral sites, whose report will be submitted to Lucknow by 22 February. Explain that the Government of India has 618 tonnes of gold reserves.

💥GSI Confirmed in 2012:

The Geological Survey of India (GSI) team has been studying here since 2005. The team claimed to have slept in Sonbhadra only on this basis. It was confirmed in 2012 that gold is present in the hills of Sonbhadra. 

However, work in this direction had not started until now. Now the state government has started the process about the allocation of gold blocks at a fast pace. The mineral wealth of about Rs 12 lakh crore is estimated to be available.

Other minerals also found uranium reserves are possible. Reserves of Andalusite in the Salaiyadih area of ​​Sonbhadra, Potash in the Patavadh area, iron ore in Bharahari and sillimanite in the Chapia block have also been discovered. 

District Mineral Officer KK Rai said that there is also a possibility of having a stock of uranium in Sonbhadra district, for which central and other teams are looking for it.

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