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All Blood Groups Can Become Universal Donor: Science Facts

Who Is Universal Donor?

A research team located at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute discovered that by depleting an enzyme known as BAC e1.
Universal Donor
Today, I will talk about a very interesting topic which is about our blood groups.
Actually, the dawn of the age of information then it feels as if humanity has been at a constant rate of a breakthrough as well as discovery since the starting of the 21st century. 

Reverse treatment for Alzheimer's says the statistical analysis of the possibility of scientific groups who emerging with treatments for the mental disease of Alzheimer's and how it could theoretically be used to not only prevent the onset of Alzheimer's in patients but one point should be remembered that it also be used to help repair damaged neurons as well as mental connections. 

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Fortunately, it turns out this prediction was really more than accurate as in recent weeks. It has emerged that a new form of treatment to assist with the treatment of Alzheimer's has come through that could potentially even reverse the negative degenerative effects on the brain the disease inflicts on neural pathways. A research team located at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute discovered that by depleting an enzyme known as BAC e1. 

This could help to prevent the formation of amyloid plaques that form as clumps and destroy the connections between nerve cells when using this information in tests with mice affected with the outsiders disease the researchers found that not only did it help to prevent the degradation of the neurons in the brain but to even help to improve memory and learning within the mice. 

Pairing this up with a new study coming from a team of researchers located at the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco that found that they could restore significant amounts of brain function in mice affected with the outsider's disease by transplanting neurons with a re-engineered inhibitory intern.

This could mean the complete eradication of a neurodegenerative disease entirely interestingly enough we believe that it will only take another 15 years before these findings make their way into that mainstream treatment for Alzheimer's patients today and I am sure, It will help to change the lives of many afflicted with the disease all across the world. 

The universal donor blood breakthrough as many people are already aware the nature of different blood types makes it a difficult problem faced by modern medicine facilities that need to ensure the right blood type are given to certain people as to prevent an immune response and the rejection of the new blood introduced this leaves only one blood type known as O to be used as the basis of a universal donor blood type that can be accepted by all blood types in the world. 

Unsurprisingly O blood type is incredibly rare and leaves many of that specific blood type out of donors when they are faced with issues of blood loss and blood transfusions fortunately enough it appears that a recent scientific breakthrough might help research scientists to convert all blood type into the universal donor variation that can be used to help combat blood transfusion issues seen today. 

This revolutionary breakthrough came from researchers from the University of British Columbia that believed they have discovered a new enzyme from the human gut that can help convert type A and type B blood types into a type O blood this is done by using the enzymes to help break down the sugars attached to red blood cells that basically help the body to distinguish between different blood types after that it will be allowed to be accepted as a universal donor blood type. 

Actually, There were previously discovered practices that could basically really perform this task though they were believed to be terribly inefficient. This new practice is believed to be more than 30 times more efficient than previously discovered methods and we'll see practical clinical trials in the coming years. 

We can easily say that in the next five years this type of technology could be used to help make all blood types into Universal donors and it will help to solve the basically chronic blood supply shortage seen all across the whole world.

We will meet again via the next post.

💬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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