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Redmi K30 5g With Dual Selfie Camera Launched - Long Term Review

Redmi K30 Review:

Image Credit: Technical Guruji

Let's talk about the newly learned smartphone from Xiaomi in the quesadilla the redneck a 35 G and the redneck a 34 G. So Xiaomi has announced two variants of the rate BK 30. 

The most exciting one is probably the 5g variant which also has really good hardware and four countries which right now do not support the Fuji or for a slightly cheaper variant.

There is also the Redmi a queue 34 GB. So let's talk about all these devices and we'll talk about the specifications what are the highlights and the pricing and in India the expected pricing as well. 

The Redmi k35 DVD so in terms of the designer so let me Xiaomi has so employed a completely different design you can see that the back panel has a glass finishing but there is a curved finishing towards the camera area. 

There's a circular ring kind of finishing which feels really nice and this device does not have an in-display fingerprint scanner. The power button is integrated with the fingerprint scanner so that's something which we have seen on the honor to indie series as well now this device is a full HD a plus resolution display.

💥Few More Specifications:

 It's a six-point are six-seven inches of full HD plus resolution display and the important thing about the displays that there is no pop-up selfie camera and it has a dual punch-hole camera so when red VK twenty series was announced her and make a toonie and the Kaituna proof had the popper selfie camera the biggest problem. 

About the selfie camera is that it's a mechanical part and apart from that the face unlock used to be pretty slow or the red indicator the end the catered.  

The key to any proof now with all the punch hole cameras Xiaomi has solved that problem and we expect the face unlock to be much faster on the or admit K 30 with the Phi Z and the 4gb. So it doesn't do a selfie camera with a punch-hole camera to Indy and the depth sensor. 

It has a six-point six-seven inches of full HD plus resolution display but one of the downsides of the displays that it's now an IPS LCD panel compared to the AMOLED panel on the red meat k2d Pro and the Kaituna So k2d Pro and the k20 had an AMOLED panel which is really good in terms of the quality.  

We have an IPS LCD panel so that's definitely a downgrade on the ready K 35 G and the 4G variant. 

Now there is Gorilla Glass protection and on the back and ourselves on the front panel which is pretty good protection offered on the display. Moving on to the fingerprint scanner so this device is you will have an AMOLED panel and hence there is no in-display fingerprint scanner because the AMOLED panels only support in-display fingerprint scan as of now.  So the fingerprint scanner is now moved to the power button. 

It's not actually moved to the back panel, it's moved to the fear the power button and so it's quite similar to how we have seen on them on a twin DCD so that also had the fingerprint scanner on the power button.  

About the processor so this device comes up with or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G processor this is a full smartphone to support this newly launched 765 processor. 

It's a really powerful processor build on seven and a manufacturing process and it has the 2.3 gigahertz cryo 475 courses and this also has that didn't know 620 GPU and this is one of the really powerful cheapest. It sits just below the flagship for 800 series so you can get really great performance out of this.

We will meet again via the next post.

💬Contributed by: Maria Jovita Vaz

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