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10 Things Every Student Must Know Before Starting College.

Life of College:

A lot of us have to move to different states or even countries for education.
Before College
Today, we will talk about the difference between college life and school life students. As cool as it sounds, it is also a big change. And it scares one a lot. The good kind as well as the bad. I get it, I’ve been through it myself. Humans are terrified of change.

And starting college is a big change. There’s a lot that happens when you finish school. You end up falling out of touch with old friends. The workload gets too much to carry. A whole lot of responsibilities fall on our heads. We become dependent on teachers and our parents when we’re in school. College, however, changes everything. A lot of us have to move to different states or even countries for education.

This can be hard for people to adjust to. Especially Indians, since we’re accustomed to our parents taking care of each and everything or us our whole lives. 

I was terrified of starting college. It meant changing so many inbred patterns and routines. For an introvert like me, the prospect of having to make new friends was scary. But here I am, one whole semester in and thriving. You need to throw all your preconceived notions about college out the window.

I want to help every high school graduate out there and so here are a few things that I learned after starting college that I’d like to share them with you so that you don’t get caught unaware when starting college for yourself.

💥Few Basic Tips:

  • Always, Always, without fail, keep a phone charger, a power bank, snacks and an umbrella in your backpack. Believe me, you don’t want to end up with a dead phone or hungry or get caught in rain. Especially if you travel through public transport
  • Always carry a tiffin. Trust me, as uncool as you think carrying a tiffin is, your wallet, your skin, and your health will thank you and while we’re on the subject, also carry a water bottle. Staying hydrated is important.
  • Never skip class. Once or twice in the semester is fine, but don’t skip unnecessarily. You are responsible for your own studies in college and people are selfish so there’s no guarantee of getting help from classmates either
  • So put yourself first, and have fun but only after you’ve attended your classes. And make notes. They’ll come handy when you’re preparing for tests.
  • Buy a watch. You think you could look at your phone but it’s a little difficult especially if you have mean professors who might think you’re using your phone in class instead of listening to them

  • Invest in a good, comfortable pair of shoes. A lot of the times, colleges have big campuses and walking around gets uncomfortable if your shoes constantly give you shoe bites
  • Talk to the peoples sitting next to you. Exchange numbers with them. Be friendly. You’re going to need someone to help you out in case you have to miss a class or need help with homework. And you are also going to need friends to hang out
  • Do your work on time. Assignments should be submitted on time. Go home and read whatever is taught in class that day. You’ll thank yourself when you see others pulling all-nighters to pass an exam and failing miserably
  • Broke up with your high school sweetheart? It’s alright. It’s not the end of the world. Trust me, it’s better off starting college without having an S.O. to worry about. You’ll find a new group of friends, and you’ll find a new partner. It’s all okay
  • Take care of your mental health too. Taking unnecessary stress over homework or study or even people are not going to help. Taking care of your mental health is very important because there is a lot that will stress you out in college. And if your mental health is not good, your grades automatically will come down.

College is not for everyone. But being prepared and committed to your major and to your future is very important. You should really think about your degree and what you’re going to do after that to be happy and succeed in college. 

Good luck to all of you for starting on a new adventure. College is fun and you’re going to have the time of your lives.

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💬Contributed by: Mansidak Kaur

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  1. As a college going student these pointers were definitely very helpful and almost all the points were covered while writing the article. Thanks for such information

    1. thanks for the positive review! and for taking the time to read my article.


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