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6 Home Remedies for to Get Rid of Dull, Dry Hair: Hair Care Tips

Get Rid of Dull, Dry Hair:

You can double the quantities if you have long hair.
Hair Care Tips

Today, we will discuss a few special tips which are really helpful for your healthy hair. Tired of seeing dull, dry and frizzy hair in the mirror every day? Irritated by having to put it up in a bun or braid or tie it up when you want to leave it open?

Well, fear not! Here I have some lovely and easy home remedies to get you the hair of your dreams! And what’s more, you have these products in your kitchen and you get all the benefits without having to use chemicals. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

Now without wasting any more time, let's get right to it!

1. Oil Massage:

Starting simple and easy, I would suggest you use any of the following oils-
Coconut oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Almond oil
Avocado oil

Or you can mix up all these and then use it. Heat it up a little bit, warm not boiling, and then massage it into your hair from root to tips. Leave it for at least 2 hours, though overnight works best. In the morning, wash it with a shampoo and maybe a conditioner if that is your daily routine. 

Jojoba oil
Jasmine oil

2. Egg Hair Mask: 

You will need the following: 
Juice of one lemon
1 egg
Half a cup of curd
3 tbsp of coconut oil

Mix up all these in a bowl and apply on your hair from root to tips. The lemon is used to mask the smell. Keep it for 1 hour and then wash your hair with COLD WATER.

Note: You can double the quantities if you have long hair.

3. Banana Hair Mask:

Take a banana and cut it into pieces. Now take a blitz it up with half a bowl of curd, 3 tablespoons of milk, juice of half a lemon, 4 tablespoons of honey and 3 tbsp of olive oil. Blitz it up into a milkshake-like consistency, because banana is difficult to get out of your hair otherwise. 

Apply on your hair and leave for an hour. Wash it as usual. Coldwater preferred or lukewarm. 
Again, you can double up the quantities as per your requirement.

4. Curd and honey hair mask:

This one is pretty simple. All you need is a bowl of curd, half a lemon and lots of honey. Honey is a natural moisturizer. So, if your hair is too dry, add more honey. 
Mix it up well and apply it to your hair for an hour. Cover it up with a shower cap. Again, wash it off with cold water.

5. Milk Rinse:

In a hurry? Don’t have time for a mask? Barely enough time to wash your hair? Fear not. I have a solution to that too.

Just wash your hair with your shampoo and then while still in the shower, rinse your hair with a glass of milk. Massage it into your hair, leave for 5 minutes and then wash it off properly and use your conditioner.
Rinse and dry. 

6. Avocado Hair Mask:

So, this one might be a bit expensive I guess, but this is THE most effective dry hair treatment, I swear! Personally tested. All you need to do, is to take an avocado, mash it up real good, add half a lemon, a bit of honey and some curd. Mix it up real nice and apply to your hair for an hour. Wash and condition as usual.

Now, my personal recommendation would be that you oil your hair before using these masks as it makes it more effective. Just take a bit of coconut oil and put it on your hair. Not too much, just enough to grease it up a little bit.

Now, some tips so that you can take care of your hair better.

Use as little heat on your hair as possible.
Don’t leave them open all day long.
Tie them up in a braid when you go to sleep.
Heat protectant before drying them or straightening them.
Comb them gently, don’t let them tangle up too much.
Use cold water, not hot water. If you can’t bathe with cold water, then just rinse your hair with cold water afterward.

Get them trimmed regularly.
Get a hair spa at least once a month.
Hot oil treatment twice a month.
Use a hair mask at least twice a month.

That’s it. I hope this helps.

Hints 4 You.
Thanks for giving me your precious time.
We will meet again via the next post.

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