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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans Until 2050?

Impact of Artificial Intelligence:

In 20–30 years from now, this might be true!
AI Vs Humans
Today, we will talk about futuristic technologies whose name is artificial intelligence and I hope, you are familiar with these words and technology. Now, we are going to discuss the impact of this technology on human beings.

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science which is generally an interaction of machine with humans and it is the power of a machine to copy intelligent human behavior to carry out a specific task.

The ultimate purpose of artificial intelligence (AI)—that a device can have a type of general intellect similar to a human’s—is one of the most difficult ever proposed by science. In terms of complexity, it is comparable to other great biological applications, such as explaining the origin of life or the Universe or discovering the structure of the atom. 

In recent centuries, this interest in building intelligent machines has led to the invention of models or blueprints of the human brain.

In the last few times, “Artificial Intelligence” has come to seem like the new way ahead. Algorithms, released from human programmers, are preparing themselves on extensive data sets and producing results that have shocked even the idealists in the field.

Between 2000 and 2018, the AI has grown by more than 300%, considering for 3% of peer-reviewed journal editions and 9% of published conference documents. 

đź’ĄThe Effect in Future:

In 20–30 years from now, this might be true! We generally have unique kinds of securing systems been used on your phones that involve Artificial Intelligence. Homes are getting more agile than humans, Cars can run themselves, so it's safe to expect that Artificial Intelligence has come a long way after it was executed. 

The modern world is almost operated by Artificial Learning. Alexa, Siri, Cortana and the numerous virtual assistants make our lives much faster. The word  ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined in the year 1956, it has made little inventions that were never appreciated. Eventually, it has seen improvements that have changed humanity a lot.

Different Algorithms such as Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Neural Network, Sentimental Analysis are playing a vital role to reduce human work resulting in the efficiency of time, increase in production, etc. "The Age Of A.I", 

A web series that is produced by "Iron man" fame Robert Downey Jr, gives a clear vision of what artificial intelligence is, its applications, its importance in today's world gives a clear idea of what AI can do to help mankind.

đź’ĄConsidering the Job's Perspective:

One recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that around one-third of the American workforce will need to switch occupations by 2030.  Actually, Amazon announced just last week, which was so important that it will spend $700 million to train about 100,000 workers in the US until 2025,  to provide them move into more highly skilled jobs. 

The Times Of India noted that with this program Amazon is recognizing that ”advances in automation technology will handle many tasks now done by people.” The number of jobs which AI as well as machines will replace in the future and it has been the subject of numerous studies, research as well as surveys and op-eds and policy papers since 2013.

It happened during that time when a pair of Oxford academics, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, estimated that 47% of American jobs are at high risk of automation by the mid-2030s.

Sadhguru, on the future scope of AI, said that 
Technology is developing in a path where artificially, a machine will be able to think a million times better than an individual because thought is fundamentally computing.

As machines evolve, a computer will be able to do this far better than a human being. This growth is not even going to take a very long time. It will happen in a little time. Then there will be no value for individual thought. All the intellectuals will be out of the profession!

But that is only intellect. That is not awareness. Our view, our sentiment, these have nothing to do with consciousness. Once everything is well, what are individual beings supposed to do? Human beings are supposed to be happy, delightful and do something that no automated thing can do. 

A Robo can do everything that you can do – except it cannot meditate because there is no awareness. So, ultimately, only meditators will be exercised!"

So, In the end, it is we who decide whether AI can replace Humans. If yes then it will create many other good opportunities for humans to make their life more efficient.

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đź’¬Contributed by: Shubham Deepak Kokane

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